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Pre-proposal: Dash conference - Venezuela

Would you fund this proposal?

  • Yes

    Votes: 85 80.2%
  • No

    Votes: 15 14.2%
  • I do not know, I need more information

    Votes: 6 5.7%

  • Total voters


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Awesome proposal!

Venezuela is a case study of why crypto is important and this proposal makes me extremely happy. This project will evolve and I'm sure that it will end up being something different to what @algodon.franelas describes now. If people in Venezuela start to understand how big Dash can be for them I'm sure all kind of side projects and extensions will be needed.

Also, I'm Spanish, so if you need more Spanish speaking Dash people, count me in.

Hi, @fernando

Thank you for your response and support.

We would be delighted to have you as a speaker.


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Cloud mining is very prompt to scams. Sites claim to have minners then they shut down. Also other times, is just not profitable. The only lesson they should learn is to stay away from them all together.

Thank you @JZA for giving me your point of view.

By the way... Would you consider being one of the speakers in one of the events?


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Hi, everybody.

New updates available above (in red).

Still working on the suggestions made by PEC @Tallyho @Biltong

I am very close to raising all of the 5 DASH needed to submit the proposal.

Next week I am invited to a Venezuelan national radio show for entrepreneurs. I will share the audio with you later.

Also, I open a new thread in Spanish <<DASH Caracas>>:

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I saw a proposal that mentioned Venezuela and DASH, and only costs 18 of the latter (18 Venezuelas would probably not be enough).

So, I said yes.



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Most cloud mining offers are pure fiction. They have no actual mining equipment. They are just pyramid schemes.

Some are semi-legit but they are not profitable. They make their money by taking advantage of the fact that newbies don't understand how mining difficulty increeses over time.

If you do not fully understand the economics of mining, then you should not teach it to anyone, nor allow some cloud miner to present at this event.


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Still working on raising the 5 DASH to submit the proposal.

Good News: I got the support of << Caracas Impact Hub >>, not only to host the events in their conference room, but to advertise the events within its network´s database (over 35,000 entrepreneurs). In the attachments you can see their proposal.

There is a number of people who have proposed themselves to participate as speakers, I am currently evaluating them and assigning them the conferences subjects.

Also, I invite you all to see the new video in our Facebook Fan Page (https://www.facebook.com/dashcaracas/) and YouTube Channel (

See you :)


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How much Dash have you raised so far for the purpose of proposal submission?

Im sure you can crowd fund this from the community as it looks a solid proposition. I will be willing to contribute.


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Hi, @ewok

Thank you so much for your support.

Right now I have raised 3 DASH.

There are other people who say they are willing to help, but I m still waiting for their response.