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Pre-proposal: Dash conference - Venezuela

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Hello, everyone, please, watch our new video...

In this video we give a short explanation of who we are, and what we have acomplished.

Our main goal is to make of Venezuela the first Dash Nation.

Dash Caracas was the first Dash Community in Venezuela. Our first project was to make a year long monthly cycle of conferences.

We have held 8 of the 12 planned conferences, with these results:
  • + 10K people in our database, interested to know about Dash.
  • + 4K people have come to our events.
  • # 2 is Venezuela's ranking in downloads of the Dash Wallet and access to dash.org
  • + 200 Venezuelan merchants are listed in DiscoverDash.com
Acording to DashWatch.org all of our proposals have been:
- On Scope
- On Schedule
- On Budget

in Caracas - Venezuela with the participation of + 1.3K people



But, unfortunately, our proposal for the 9th conference of the cycle did not pass.

We do not want to stop the work, we are looking for different solutions in order to make the event possible. Firstable, we are taking off the budget expensive things that are not so necessary, such as the dedicated Internet for the streaming. We will negotiate with some allies so we can get some of the production requirements as sponsorship.

Also, we are going to use 13.91 Dash that were aproved by the DAO on march 2018 for an event we were invited to but was cancelled for the organizers.

YOU CAN HELP!!! Donating to make the 9th Conference possible.




If you wish to know our team a little better, you can watch this video:


We do not want to stop the work, we are looking for different solutions in order to make the event possible. Firstable, we are taking off the budget expensive things that are not so necessary, such as the dedicated Internet for the streaming. We will negotiate with some allies so we can get some of the production requirements as sponsorship.

Also, we are going to use 13.91 Dash that were aproved by the DAO on march 2018 for an event we were invited to but was cancelled for the organizers.



I am from Los Teques, Venezuela, I had been in two of your conferences, 6th and 8th, and I can attest the veracity of your video and the impact of your efforts, I even heard you giving a radio interview radio at a local FM station, as well as tv interviews. As we all know, the proposal for the 9th conference didn´t pass, and in this post you say that you and your team are looking for ways to downsize costs, which I agree is a necessity right now that the Dash value is a tad low. This makes me wonder: once you and your team finishes all the cost cutting, have you pondered the possibility of presenting a new downsized proposal for this new voting cycle?

I think that presenting an optimized proposal for the 9th Conference would be received with good eyes by the MNO´s, because they will appreciate your efforts to continue with the Dash project in Venezuela even in adverse conditions and as a sideline, boosting the entire project credibility.

Keep the good work going!


Ahora en español:


Soy de Los Teques Venezuela, y he asistido a dos de tus conferencias, específicamente la 6ta y la 8va, por lo que puedo certificar la veracidad del video y el impacto de tus esfuerzos de difusión. Incluso te escuché en una emisora FM local en Los Teques, así como se que has tenido presencia en la TV venezolana. Sabemos que la propuesta para la 9na conferencia no se aprobó, y en tu post informas que tu y tu equipo están buscando formas para reducir los costos, lo cual me parece muy necesario, sobre todo porque el valor del Dash está actualmente un poco bajo. Entonces me pregunto, una vez diseñado el presupuesto con costos reducidos ¿te animarías a presentarlo en este ciclo de votación?

Lo pregunto porque pienso que presentar una propuesta optimizada sería visto con buenos ojos por parte de los MNO, ya que apreciarían el esfuerzo que realizado por seguir adelante con el proyecto en Venezuela pero adaptado pues a la disponibilidad actual de la tesorería, a la par de reforzar la credibilidad del proyecto como un todo.

¡Mucho éxito!
So unfortunate the last proposal wasn't funded but Dash MN chose to give a huge sum to a sports gambling site that doesn't even mention Dash on its front page.

Your dedication to Dash is noted and I hope the next round you make a proposal is funded.
So unfortunate the last proposal wasn't funded but Dash MN chose to give a huge sum to a sports gambling site that doesn't even mention Dash on its front page.

Your dedication to Dash is noted and I hope the next round you make a proposal is funded.

I hope that too. Dash has invested a considerable amount of money in VE, and while I agree that any project can and should be reviewed on the go, and adjustments made when necessary, abandoning it altogether is not a wise move, especially after all the effort put into it until now. Stopping everything now is the equivalent of dumping in the trash all the work done, and that´s not how things gets done.

Making any country adopt a cryptocurrency along with its legal currency is not an easy task. First you have to explain people what a cryptocurrency is, show them the benefits of using it in a country like ours with a hyperinflation, explain merchants what the legal implications of their use is and how can Dash can work to their advantage, in a nutshell: break paradigms to make them trust it, all the while having a government which everyday works very hard in new ways to make citizens life more difficult. It´s not easy. To our advantage we have the fact that VE people are quite accustomed to fiat electronic transactions, mainly because the chronic lack of cash we suffer, and also we are very enthusiast about technology but that´s not enough to make the project sustainable by itself. It takes persistence, patience and a lot of advertising and diffusion which is not cheap no matter what country do you live in. Hopefully we well get to the point to reach a critical mass of Dash users, and from that point on, the usage of Dash will sustain by itself, but again, it´s not realistic to expect to reach that point in just a few months.

Another thing we have to take into account, is that after the pump Bitcoin suffered last December, all cryptocurrencies has dropped to half their peak value last December. That makes some people wary to invest in them right now, and that´s another barrier we have to overcome. I personally think the future of cryptocurrencies is a shiny one in the long run, but to a newcomer that´s not so evident.

Having said all that, I hope the community doesn´t give up with VE.
Samuel Barbosa part of the global Dash Core Team was our speaker in February,
thanks to his visit he knew the DASH phenomenon in Venezuela up close thanks to our massive events

Buenos Días a todos y Mil Bendiciones.

A lo largo del Programa Nacional de Comunidades Dash Venezuela, nos han llegado muchísimas solicitudes de apoyo, alianzas y creacion de grupos, no solo en el ámbito territorial de una comunidad sino en ámbitos sectoriales, empresariales e incluso gremios profesionales y deportivos como por ejemplo un grupo de jóvenes ciclistas que llevan por nombre Ruta Dash Ccs que tienen el empeño y el empuje de llevar Dash desde sus billeteras hasta las rutas donde transitan cada dia, o como el impulso de un joven odontologo que esta haciendo el esfuerzo de promoción y enseñanza de Dash a todos sus colegas ortodoncistas.

Dash cada vez se hace mas fuerte en Venezuela y se puede ver como nacen agrupaciones de distintas índoles y ramas para llevar la educación financiera a sus ámbitos cotidianos. Y hablando de comunidades en Venezuela han nacido 22 comunidades de las cuales 12 ya han realizado meetups, conversatorios o conferencias con el apoyo de Dash Venezuela y gracias al financiamiento de la Tesorería de Dash y a los MNO's.

Ha sido un trabajo arduo el que hemos venido haciendo las comunidades en las ultimas semanas y a continuación un pequeño resumen de lo que se ha venido haciendo:


Good morning everybody and a thousand blessings.

Throughout the National Program of Communities Dash Venezuela, we have received many requests for support, alliances and creation of groups, not only in the territorial scope of a community but in industrial areas, companies and even professional´s associations and sports such as, for example, a group of young cyclists how call them selve Ruta Dash CCS who have the determination and passion to carry out Dash from their wallets to the routes where they travel every day, or as the impulse of a young dentist who is making the effort to promote and teach Dash to all his orthodontist colleagues .

Dash is becoming strong in Venezuela and you can see how groups of different kind and branches are born to carry out financial education to their daily lives. And speaking of communities, in Venezuela have raised 22 communities and 12 of them have already held meetings, talks or conferences with the support of Dash Venezuela and thanks to the financial support of Dash Treasury and MNOs.

It has been a huge job that we made the last weeks and the continuation of a summary of what he has been doing:


As you can see we reach 550 peoples, 440 new wallets, almost 800 transactions, 60 new entrepeneurs. All this events was until this last week, but they are working in new events to this week. We have our 9th Dash Caracas Conference and almost all communities will be here in Caracas supporting us and presenting theirs ideas and projects to everyone.

Here you can See some pictures of the events in the communities.

Como puede ver, llegamos a 550 personas, 440 billeteras nuevas, casi 800 transacciones, 60 nuevos emprendedores. Todos estos eventos fueron hasta la semana pasada, pero están trabajando en nuevos eventos para esta semana. Tenemos nuestra 9ª Conferencia de Dash Caracas y casi todas las comunidades estarán aquí en Caracas apoyándonos y presentando sus ideas y proyectos a todos.

Aqui pueden ver algunas fotos de las actividades de las comunidades.

DASH LA GUAIRA: https://www.facebook.com/pg/DashLaGuaira/videos/?ref=page_internal

DASH SAN ANTONIO: https://www.facebook.com/2011569599089239/photos/?tab=album&album_id=2185690875010443

DASH VALENCIA: https://www.instagram.com/dash_valencia/?hl=es-la

DASH LOS TEQUES: https://www.facebook.com/163813060889577/photos/?tab=album&album_id=217414272196122

DASH TACHIRA: https://www.instagram.com/dashtachira/

DASH BARUTA: https://www.facebook.com/180617572752002/photos/?tab=album&album_id=200386067441819

DASH VALERA: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.120250165529014.1073741828.100026320932841&type=3

DASH BARQUISIMETO: https://www.criptotendencias.com/criptoeventos/dash-barquisimeto-llevo-a-cabo-su-primer-meetup/

CRIPTO UCVhttps://www.instagram.com/p/Bjs578WAobu/?taken-by=criptoucv

DASH MONAGAS: Https://youtu.be/d_YcHAh49VE

DASH MARACAIBO: https://www.instagram.com/dash_maracaibo/?hl=es-la


Thanks to all de MNO and the entire Dash Community for your support.

Gracias a todos de MNO y a toda la Comunidad Dash por su apoyo.
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How come the price has come down to 141 if you were not raking it earlier?

Other groups should step forward and do this conference. @algodon.franelas is inflating costs.

Hello, here you can see our adapted budget...

We need 141 Dash, the cost per person is less than USD 50.



Thank you for your support, you can donate here:



Dash Valera Monumento.jpg

NuevoHello Team.

The Community of Dash Valera congratulate all our colleagues and Members of Dash Venezuela for this great step and the work done these months, we also thank for this great support to Dash Caracas especially @algodon.franelas and the Dash Venezuela team especially our Coordinator @jahlexis_tafari for being our guide since September 2017, MNO`s. We are very happy for the achievements obtained in our City of Valera and Trujillo, we will soon be posting the detailed reports and achievements obtained in these Meetups and Conferences, especially to ensure that the MONUMENT TO THE VIRGIN OF PEACE that is the highest habitable in Latin America, Adopt Dash as payment. Thanks to all...


Tec. Angelica Cañizales and Ing. Richard Mendoza
Founders Dash Valera Venezuela
Member Dash Venezuela

Social Networks:

Twitter: @dashvaleravzla
Facebook: Dash Valera
Correo Electronico: [email protected]
Telegram: @amaranthos_spa
Contact: 0414-7118192 / 0424-1331399
logo dash valera.png
How come the price has come down to 141 if you were not raking it earlier?

Other groups should step forward and do this conference. @algodon.franelas is inflating costs.

I have always thought that when one criticizes someones work, it´s because one has a better way to do it. I have seen that you are very critical of the work done in VE, specially regarding costs. Well, then I guess you have, or are able to produce a better proposal which is both cheaper and more far reaching than the ones done until now. If that is the case, I think the community would love to hear about it, and we all will learn from your knowledge. We are all ears.
Hello, everyone...

Tomorrow we will hold in Caracas - Venezuela our 9th conference of the cycle of 12 (1 a month for one year).

@Rod Ambrissi is the founder of Dash Brazil and a great youtuber, you can watch his work HERE! He has been kind enough to come to our country as an invited speaker, and also has spend a few days with us, allowing himself to see with his own eyes what is happening in our country and how the Dash ecosystem is growing in our country.

The first day of his arrival he jump into a taxi which accepts Dash and had lunch in Don Manuel Grill, a restaurant that accepts Dash.


After he checked in his hotel, he attended to our welcome meetup in order for him to meet the team of Dash Venezuela, also enjoying the food of Azucar, Canela y Clavito, and the beer of Viking Sur, 2 of our entrepreneurs.


The next day began early, with a delicious breakfast paid in Dash in La Sociedad del Café, whos creators he also interviewed.


Then, Rodrigo had the opportunity to meet with several of our social entrepreneurs who have learned to accept Dash as donation. He had the chance to speak to them, learn about their work, and make some interviews…


Later that same day, Rodrigo visited other 3 businesses who accepts Dash: Credimport (home appliances), Tiendas Ilegal (women clothing) and Tu Gruero (towing services).

Evening came, and with it the time to go to another Dash accepting restaurant (Gourmet Planet) where we held a meetup with our team members, allies communities, allies projects and other friends of Dash Venezuela, so they could all get to know Rodrigo.

Third day begins with our traditional workshop for journalists. 12 reporters attended this time, and Rodrigo participated explaining to them about his conference for the next day.


In the afternoon, we held a meeting with some of the allied Dash communities of Venezuela.


Then, we went LIVE in Globovision Tecnología, with Dereck Blanco, a well respected reported in the most important news network in our country.



And we close today’s workday with a brief rehearsal of what we are doing tomorrow in our event.

As you all may remember, this conference has not been funded by the Dash DAO, so we are working with donations. Rodrigo told us today that he will donate his pay for this work he is doing as a speaker, and we are very grateful with him!!! THANKS, ROD!!!

If you wish to donate, you can do it here:




And, please, tomorrow join us in our conference. Unfortunately we are not able to do the streaming in this opportunity, because due to reduced budget we are not able to hire Internet service, but we are going to be reporting every detail through our hashtag in Twitter: #DashVenezuela and will be posting the recording of the event in our YouTube channel: Dash Venezuela, as always.




It will take place on saturday July 28th in Teatro Santa Rosa de Lima.

Here you can see our detailed budget:



After 7 months of work, our team has grown considerably, and for our meetings and for the training sessions we organize to the team members and the entrepreneurs, we used to rent different venues for the day. Because of the increased volume of the work, now it is cheaper to rent an entire office for the whole month than the individual rents. Here you can see our detailed budget:


Here you can see the summary budget and total request for this proposal:


You can find all about DASH Caracas’ events here:


You can find everything about DASH Venezuela here:

Dear MNOs, please read and vote for this proposal. Thank you very much!