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Pre-Proposal: Bringing Dash to the Poker World

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Jonathan Levy

New member
Please let us know what you think about our idea!
EDIT: proposal is Live! https://www.dashcentral.org/p/Poker-World

Bringing Dash to the Poker World


The poker community is a massive untapped resource for Dash. Online poker players have been among the earliest adopters and users of BTC as an actual currency as opposed to simply an investment vehicle. With BTC's days as a functional currency in the rearview mirror, Dash is a logical candidate to fill that void. Thousands of players watch our videos and listen to our podcasts each week. We love Dash, and believe they will too. We offer a promotional campaign aimed at educating and exciting this audience about Dash.

Who We Are:

What’s up, masternode overlords? We’re Jonathan Levy and Grant Denison, AKA The Poker Guys. We are professional poker players who have been creating popular poker videos and podcasts for over four years, building an audience of nearly 23,000 YouTube subscribers. Each week, we produce:

One video in our “Breakdown” series - a hardcore analysis of a poker hand for advanced players. (Jump 30 seconds into the video to skip the ad.) Example:

Two long form poker analysis podcasts (audio only): https://soundcloud.com/user-594538171

One video in our “Poker Time” series - a poker cash game produced and commentated by us. Example:

One “Poker Time Highlight Hand” video - the most exciting hand from that week’s Poker Time. Example:

A quick note about our audience:

Our audience is comprised of mainly hardcore poker players, a group well known for being among the earliest adopters of cryptocurrency. Unlike a large majority of the cryptoverse, they do not simply invest (although they do plenty of that and it dominates talk at the poker table these days), but they also actively use it to facilitate deposits and withdrawals from online poker sites, sportsbooks and casinos. Although many of them can speak knowledgeably about Bitcoin, almost none of them understand the incredible benefits Dash offers as a functional currency.

What We’re Offering:

We propose full scale Dash promotion to our crypto savvy audience. This would be in the form of:

- An educational video we produce and star in outlining the benefits and uses of Dash. Every time we promote Dash throughout the rest of our campaign we will refer to this video and make a link available so our audience can better understand Dash's superior and cheaper utility for their needs.

- A 30 second Dash promotion by us in a Breakdown video each week.

- A 30 second Dash promotion by us in a Poker Time video each week.

- The Dash logo prominently displayed on the felt (poker table) during Poker Time. This will be seen somewhere between 50-150 times per Poker Time episode.

- Dash giveaways to viewers of Poker Time that we will refer to during our commentary and on our social media platforms.

- The Poker Time Highlight Hand will be rebranded to be the Dash Highlight Hand and include a link to the Dash educational video we create.

- A one to two minute Dash promotion during two Breakdown podcasts per week.

- There will be over 70,000 combined views and listens of these shows per month.

Budget: 80 Dash over 3 months (5 for proposal fee, 25 Dash/month)

- Breakdown Video Promotion: 6 Dash/month
- Poker Time Video Promotion: 6 Dash/month
- Dash Highlight Hand: 4 Dash/month
- Dash Giveaways: 2.4 Dash/month
- Dash Logo on Poker Time Felt: 1 Dash/month
- Breakdown Podcast Audio Promotion: 3 Dash/month
- Dash Educational Video: 7.8 Dash (one time cost) We believe this video is a lynchpin in this campaign which is why we will spend significantly more to ensure it’s quality. We will rent out special studio space and equipment to achieve this.


We will post all of our content that includes Dash promotion in this forum as it comes out.

Thank you for your consideration. We welcome and encourage any feedback or questions you may have.

Jonathan Levy and Grant Denison
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Jonathan Levy

New member
Thanks for commenting!

Nitrogen Sports is a current sponsor of our Youtube Channel and not part of this proposal.

(We are planning on speaking to them about the possibility of adopting Dash though.)


New member
Nice video, very professionnal.

Have you guys come accross those two posts :


After you've read it, I would consider you to do what you ask the community money for, for ... free. It will show your engagement and belief in Dash. You could do just a sample. To see how those returns are, how many people click on your ad, and so on. That will give trust and numbers to the community which will really help boost your proposal.

I'd consider start with a smaller proposal with no video production and use that one for example (which you could use for the free trial you'll make) :

It will makes the proposal much likely to be voted. And once you have proven that you kept your word, you'll be able to post a more ambitious proposal with video production and so on.

Cheers !

Jonathan Levy

New member
Hey -
Thanks for the thoughts! We actually submitted the proposal last night so it's already out there.

That said, we appreciate you taking the time to think about our proposal and write to us about it.

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