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Pre-Proposal Administrative and Accounting Training for Businessmen and Business Owners.

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Red Productiva

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In The last December reproductiva began an advertising campaign in the city of Merida through static billboards and billboards with video and advertising on the radio. This aroused curiosity and initiative on the part of some groups of organized entrepreneurs wanting to know more about the use of the Dash cryptocurrency.
Now in this Second Reproductive Stage seeks to conduct a training to all those business owners interested in opting to Dash as a means of payment.


Project Purpose / Business Justification
Reproductive Search through this opportunity to make an event to educate and clarify the doubts about the right way to manage a business that you receive Dash.
Objectives (in business terms)
Basic knowledge of cryptocurrency. Exchange and investment system. Managed accounting and tax return. Collaboration between entrepreneurs

Key Deliverables
Through events and incentives, business owners will be monitored when they start receiving dash at their establishment. A report will be made where all the results are projected

Project Milestones and Schedule:
  • Milestone: Meeting with the different groups interested in receiving Dash
  • Due Date - 25 Jan 2019
  • Milestone: Planning Event Due Date - 28 Jan 2019.
  • Milestone: Advertising of the event
  • Due Date - 31 Jan 201
  • Milestone: Organizations and execution of the project through education training Due Date - 22 Feb 2019

Success Criteria

Redproductive will have the website for the February Enablement. I will be publishing information in it as well as the different channels available in the Dash community , Forum, Discord, Reddit


The business owners will have information and tools to learn the management of the future Dash that they will receive for the operations they will do.


The greatest risk that may be submitted would be a total rejection of information. But this does not think it happens because these groups of businessmen are already motivated to the idea receive Dash. Another risk could be that the value of the dash went down too much, still we would do the training only that less business owners


The different channels available in the Dash community , Forum, Discord, Reddit

For this proposal we request 25 Dash.
Which are distributed as follows:
  1. Logistics, equipment rental, administration and account training for 120 people. 16 Dash.
  2. Rotary advertising radial in 3 different stations. 3 Dash.
  3. Audiovisual production Videos and photography. 3 Dash
  4. Redproductive team management. 3 Dash.

DashBoost 2019 January.
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