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Poker Night in America | Dash Partnership Proposal

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@ericools -- Thank you for your pre-proposal. In the past, we've actually sponsored advertising in the Poker world already, as documented by Craig Mason's journey to the world's first Crypto Poker tournament:
as well as coverage and exposure during the World Series of Poker. It was a pretty cool novelty foray in to a then untapped avenue for publicity and was fairly successful for what it was, but ultimately as with most of our marketing/advertisement related expenditures over the last few years, didn't really yield any significant returns or tangible results. The value proposition of our FanDuel partnership is not merely the publicity of the Crypto Cup, but also plans to actually integrate Dash with the FanDuel platform itself, in the hopes of driving widespread use and activity on the Dash blockchain. So bearing that in mind, proposals like yours tend to be lower on our list of priorities, simply because we've historically found more benefit in funding projects with a tangible output (software, integrations, etc) over projects that just yield publicity/views/exposure/etc. We're not generally opposed to the latter, they're just less of a priority when the budget is lower due to market downturn. When the budget is much higher as the market is riding high, we tend to be more open to purely marketing/advertising-based projects.
Poker Night in America is a US-based, poker/unscripted television Show.

Watch a portion of the greatest names in poker contend with one another in a well-disposed condition, loaded with exchange, slow rolls and great antiquated poker dramatization. Regular stakes are $25/$50, however, $50/100 amusements are additionally communicated.

The recreations play moderately profound, and heaps of $30,000+ are normal. This makes PNIA an unquestionable requirement watch poker generation for anybody inspired by live amusement system, as the profound stacked nature of the diversion results in some intricate spots.

First circulated in 2014 by the CBS organize, Poker Night in America (also called PNIA) has been an encouraging sign in post-Black-Friday poker stimulation.

Established by Todd Anderson (@PokerNight_Todd) - Heartland poker visit prime supporter and Rush Street Production.

PNIA acquires the fun Poker and as the creation says it will connect with watchers in a radical new manner. Poker Nights in America will urge watchers to play poker from home with an opportunity to win prizes and furthermore a TV appearance.
Not open for further replies.