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PinIdea ASIC X11 Miner DU-1 (USB Version Hashrate 9 MH/s , Releasing in Mid-May 2016)

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We are receiving several questions about your miner and the support for the very popular NiceHash.com mining pool / service.

You have to make sure that cgminer version that you will include, does NOT have the so-called extranonce diff bug.

See here for details: https://github.com/nicehash/cgminer-ckolivas/commit/b2c6b7287054cb79a02ddd016bffa02870d968ea

You also might want to include extranonce subscription feature, see here: https://www.nicehash.com/index.jsp?p=software#devs

If you will make these patches and make sure your PinIdea X11 miners works good with NiceHash, we can add you to our Recommended Hardware page: https://www.nicehash.com/index.jsp?p=hardware, we have tens of thousands of visitors each day.

If you need some further information just contact us via email to [email protected]

Best regards,
NiceHash team.
Also, we would like to get some samples. I can't order your miners since your shop doesn't support delivery EU (European Union) countries. Why can't you deliver to any EU country, it's the same rules for all countries in the EU anyway...?
Hey, everyone, just a quick update for all of you. I just uploaded the demo video and hopefully this USB miner is going to ship soon.

We have passed promised shipping date May 24th. Can we at least see the software for DU-1 at Github?
Order #100
With we'll over 100 orders I can't see them shipping every order on the same day .

They could still say orders are starting to ship.
So where are Pinidea guys? No any excuses, no any shipping info...
Living it up in the Bahamas ?? . . . Anyway, I downloaded some software I assumed was maybe for the DU-1 that I saw in the product video of the DU-1, could just make out the name DNAMiner, but the first device was device No. 3 so I assumed it was an unfinished build.
It ran but nothing to test it with. Dont know if this is what we are to use in the end. I think I got it off GitHub, just followed my nose.
Order #158 (May21st) 10 units
Anybody got anything?
I hope we didn't get taken. Ordered 5 myself.
Tried to see when soleo was on last but don't think that option is there.
April 29 was his (soleo) last post on the DR-1 thread. On a positive note, somebody did change the price on the website to 10 dash from the pre order price of 9.
Still waiting for my 10, and/or a response from them. :(
Soleo has said previously that they have a small crew, may not be surprising that they could be flat out trying to keep us happy.
I was in contact with him last week about a shipping change.
Anybody got anything?
I hope we didn't get taken. Ordered 5 myself.
Tried to see when soleo was on last but don't think that option is there.
The best time to get "taken" is when you have taken lots of orders for 500MH/s units and since they are not ready with the second batch of these Im sure getting rich on the small USB items orders is not the smartest plan, so I have my doubts about that sort of problem just yet. Sometimes to get what we want we have to risk a little.
Soleo jumped into the slack chat and said on Fri that they should be shipping out that day or the following Monday (5/30). All my interactions with PinIdea have been really good and my DR-1 is running well. They are a small team and probably can't chandler the volume questions and invoicing coming in. Im impatient, but not worried.
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