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PinIdea ASIC X11 Miner DU-1 (USB Version Hashrate 9 MH/s , Releasing in Mid-May 2016)

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Long story short, we're going to release the USB version of ASIC X11 Miner soon. The final mass manufacturing design would be one of the following designs. The final decision would depend on the evaluations in the next few weeks. I'd love to put the design out there first to let anyone interested know that this USB version miner will be in the market soon.

The ASIC chip is the same one as the larger units, but we believe that manufacturing USB versions would be more beneficial for our community. So after the shipping out the first batch of 500 MH/S units, our main concentration would be on small USB versions instead of another batch of large units.

Let me know if you're interested.

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Design 1:


USB1-2.png USB1-3.png USB1-4.png

Design 2:
USB2-1.png USB2-2.png USB2-3.png

USB2-4.png USB2-5.png USB2-8.png



The current release date for USB miner is in Mid-May 2016. The price would be 10 DASH per unit. We won't set up max limit for buying USB miners. Pre-Order price would be 9 DASH per unit. Prefer to sell at 5 units per package which would reduce the cost of shipping.

Design 1 is chosen for mass production because of the better performance and less heat. :)

If you're interested in distributing the USB miners in your country, please send me a message via [email protected] . For this model, we'll be willing to work with partners and help distributing the miner around the world.
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Ye, design 2 is COOL, I like it!
No.1 looks similar to old Greedseeds usb scrypt units, dont like it, looks massive but maybe with better performance compare to solution 2?
Yep I am interested as well.
Do you have any price fork depending of how many hundreds of these you will release?
I like design 2 also, I would like to know if there is going to be a max order per person? I hope you will still be making the 500 mh/s after the first batch, a 250 mh/s for around $1000 would be a nice option too. Price?
I would imagine these would be able to work with a USB Block Eruptor? I would be interested in anything stackable or at least able to run several of.
Design 2 looks the best if it will be sized to be plugged in side by side on a powered usb hub. Otherwise Design 1 looks better.
Hey, everyone, just a quick update for all of you. I just uploaded the demo video and hopefully this USB miner is going to ship soon.
OK, well soleo when we met in person I said I was not interested in USB devices but this might just change my mind.
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