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PinIdea ASIC X11 Miner DR-1 Guide for Checking and Self Repairing


We had a major issue with our miner transportation. We received a couple of reports from users that showing that our current miners are not suitable for long distance transportation. So users who have already received a tracking number or received the tracking number, we would recommend to do a machine checking when they received the machine. If possible, you could do a self-repair before sending it back to us.

Warning: If you are not good at soldering and don't know enough to do a mechanical repair, please don't attempt to fix it. In that case, once you confirmed the machine is not functional as expected, send us the machine internal photos and we will arrange replacement.

Check List for your miner:
1) When you receive the miner, check if there are any obvious damage outside the package, and open it and check if there are any loose screws.

2) Open the case, check for any damaged connectors.

3) Powered it up by using BOTH ports. I made a mistake before by saying only one required. You need both ports plugged in.

4) After installing the software you need from https://github.com/PinIdea/ASIC-X11-Miner/releases . When the machine is running normally, you should see all the lights inside the machine blinking at you. Cgminer should show all "1" below the average speed. (When you see the average speed, it may showing 500 HM/s while you pool showing a lower speed. The reason for this is that the speed showing from cgminer is a calculated speed locally, it's not accepted hash rate. Please refer to your pool to see the speed for now )

5) Check all four items before. Some users didn't see obvious damaged when they received it, but they're still not receiving the full performance. It could be caused by your power supply cables, so switch and try again.

I'd encourage everyone join us on the "Unofficial" Dash Chat Slack and add yourself to channel #asic_miners
There are nice people there and they know a lot of miners, and besides everyone loves Slack.

In most cases, the connectors are the cause of the issue. You should re-seat them if you can. The connectors are also the power supplier, so if one of them is broken, you may see a lot of zeros depending on which connector is broken.
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Awesome guide. All the things are made so clear. Never had any issues with the miner. I was in doubt at first weather to choose Pinidea over anything else in the market but now I can proudly say that I made a right decision