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New tool to help you with translations

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Hello there,

I'm translating Dash into Slovak at the moment and as I've previously translated BlackCoin and partially Bitcoin wallet it made me thinking about re-using previously transalted resources from other coins. It can of course speed-up translation process as well as make translation consistent between different coins.

So I decided to create a simple tool which will use transifex exports from other coins and re-use translations. You can find initial version here:

How it run the tool
- Download *.ts of other coins from Transifex using "Download for use" feature. Place these files into 01_Sources folder
- Download Dash *.ts file from Transifex using "Download for translation" feature. Place this files into 02_Targets folder
- Run CryptoLoc.exe
- Wait till you see message box with results
- Upload modified file from 02_Targets folder back to Transifex using "Upload file" feature

- you can recycle more languages at the same time. it automatically detects language codes and use correct translations
- it takes few minutes to complete one language, so do not kill the process if it seems doing nothing:)
- you can find back up and detailed log in 03_BackUp+Logs\{timestamp} folder

This is just an initial version, but it worked properly on my end. Any feedback welcome:)

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Just a note. After you download the tool, you can test it right away, as I also uploaded some sample Slovak files.
Hi folks, I've used my tool to recycle translations for Czech and Chinese Simplified. I was able to recycle 188 Czech and 191 Chinese strings, but someone with write right has to upload it back to Transifex. It's not that many, but if for free:). I've upload files here (output logs are there as well):
If you prefer some other location, please let me know. I can also do other languages, just let me know...
cheers, xsedivy
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