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New P2P Dash Marketplace


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Marketpl4ce is a new marketplace for all types of members. Featuring a variety of topics including general sales, currency exchanges, gaming, online accounts, virtual items, cryptocurrency, and much more. Our website is 100% free but you can support us by purchasing a Premium membership! Earn awards, make posts, make $$$, and much more!

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Interesting... I would suggest aiming at editing a video of the Work Team when you launch the proposal in the Treasury. It is also important to structure your proposal with the respective Format used by other users and Masternodes. Proposals have a limit of words you can use to explain your project. Keep that in mind. The use of links, not too many by the way, will also be key. Add pictures, and documents via a Drive.
Please visit our website http://coinspree.com We are currently requesting funding for the Treasury for a project in Venezuela.

Thank you