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NEW MEMBERS: Welcome to Dash! Introduce yourself...

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I feel that Dash is leaps and bounds ahead in terms of its real-world application. How about yourself?
I'm just starting here, what are the real life applications? I know there are some other coins that are entwined with the Internet of Things but I do not know much about Dash yet
Hi guys,
I'm yolo, I'm new here and love to become a part of DASH community!
I'm a day-trader and hope to become a DASH enthusiast :)
Hello dashers,

I'm Alex (Alexandre Perlingeiro), from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I'm married, have one daughter and work with life coaching (career and relationship).

I'm glad to join the Dash Nation! :)

As a good beginner, I want to learn more about Dash and how to uplift the world using dash. Will start by the white paper.

Some more tips?
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