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NEW MEMBERS: Welcome to Dash! Introduce yourself...

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A decentralized blockchain based system to solve any kind of issues and problems without going through a centralised government or an organisation.
Hello dash community! I learned about Dash by researching DAO s (Decentralized Autonomous Organization)

I plan to submit proposals to market Dash and gain further adoption for it locally in the city of Atlanta, Georgia.

Hi Tao my name is Aarón Olmos, i´m from Caracas-Venezuela. Recently i had the honor to be one of the speaker of the 1st Conference of Dash Maracay!!! I was talking about the ABC of Dash and other Cryptocurrencies with an economic view. I´m really excited with the economic possibilities of Dash in Venezuela to fight against hyperinflation and colaborate to restore the value of our work. I´m glad to be here and be a part of the Dash Nation! Also i´m running a think tank called Centro de Cultura Digital, that is a place to create, teach and research how the digital economy, blockchain and cryptocurrencies are changing everything.

I´m Roberto Hung Cavalieri.

Venezuelan law professor and attorney, member of “Centro de Cultura Digital”. Speaker in Dash Community in Maracay. Convinced in creations derived from individual and civil society creativeness more than state or commanded by any other structures of power.

Being my idea of law, and teaching law not just memorizing and reciting articles and Acts delivered by any state, but find ways to better organize the exercise our rights, especially property liberty and open market beyond national frontiers, this forum is an excellent opportunity to discuss and deliver ideas to enhance current Dash communities in activities that report more earning, promote new forms of global social participation and impact economy.

I hope we all enjoy and learn a lot from many of the topic and discussions.


Hello team!

We are Angelica Cañizales and Richard Mendoza and belong to the Community of Dash Venezuela, as Leaders of Dash Trujillo.

We have been 8 months working with Dash Caracas supporting and assisting As entrepreneurs to all the conferences since the begining with our friend Eugenia Alcala being part of the first 4 Entrepreneurs that started in the first conference of Dash Caracas being the First Aesthetics and the First Goldsmith to receive Dash as payment in the Country.

Our social networks are:
Instagram: @amaranthos_spa @amaranthos_cosmetics @richdesignsc

twitter: @richdesign28 @amaranthos_spa

Dash Trujillo Network:

Instagram: @dastrujillovzla Twitter @dashtrujillovzl
Facebook: Dash Trujillo
Email: [email protected]
Dash is a good community to be part if only you are serious to make a great impact in this developing world, so let's keep pushing to the unknown people and let's give them the necessary help the need to cope with this system. Thank you
Hello Everyone..!!

I am glad to be here and interested to know each an everything about social media applications such as Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.
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