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NEW MEMBERS: Welcome to Dash! Introduce yourself...

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Hello I´m from Venezuela, Is pleasure are here in this great community..;):)
I want to help grow the project by contributing, is there any guide to follow?

Greetings, friends.
Hello DASH. I'm new here. I would like to help DASH grow into a truly global decentralized currency used by everyone. My expertise is in payments and structured finance.
I've made the thread sticky so it doesn't sink.

To all the new members:
  • You are all welcome. Most members are really nice, but there can always be someone who isn't. Don't worry about them.
  • Sometimes written communications may lead to miss interpretations. When in doubt, chose the most favourable interpretation.
  • Crypto in general, and Darkcoin in particular, are complex. Don't worry if you don't understand. Read. Ask. Repeat.
Enjoy, this should be fun!!!
I am totally new to this is there a certain place for me to start learning
Dash Forum,

We are Shred Token!

A team of experienced crypto-blockchain fanatics who’ve grown up in the surf, skate and snow community.

Our mission is to empower Shredders worldwide through our educational content, which is designed in an engaging and relatable style, to help ease your nerves and allow you to jump into this new economy with confidence!

Blockchain-social finance can be overwhelming, let alone educating the entire world how to gain complete control over their own finances.

Our focus is not on the widely spread attention of the world, but on a specific niche - our community.

We possess a deep appreciation for blockchain technology, crypto economics and the way the future is moving so quickly towards us..

You'll never work a day in your life if you love what you do.
Hello, I am just about to post a pre-proposal and need three posts to be able to post links. I am a long time lurker but havn't ever posted.
Hi Dash' community

I am Andres Larez, a Mechanical Engineer lover, 3D Printing entrepeneur, cripto currency esthusiastic, and a drone racer.

Basically , i love all the aspects refers to disrupt technology.
I have been involve in the cryptocurrency world since 2014, and i have seen how this has change the world in many ways. I consider myself as an active participant of the disruption that has caused the blockchain technology.
I'm the Aratechnology's founder and CEO, an startup focus in the disruptive technology development and implementation.

We believe in the technology as a way to a better quality of life.

We don't know if the cryptocurrency will settle in time, but if we were put to choose, we prefer to live in a world where the crypto were adopted.
Hi, Dash Forum

My name is Andrés Arcia, I'm a mechanical engineer from Venezuela, my passion is to innovate and develop new technology. By this reason, I enter to this forum.
I know participate in a startup named Ara Technology, which works with the development and implementation of disruptive tecnhonogy.

I have seen that projects as Dash have really great projections and can give to Latin America technological development.
Best Regards,
Andrés Arcia
Hi, Dash Forum

My name is Manuel Artahona, I'm a mechanical engineer and also a member of ARA technology. A startup who work with the development of disruptive technologies
Actually i'm living in Argentina and i believe that the Dash community can promote the cryptocurrency world i all Latinoamerican countries. I'm a fan of 3D printing and a believer of the new technologies that can help the world be better.
Hi, I'm a copywriter, email marketer, scifi author and liberty activist. I've been using crypto since 2011 but sadly only now have I discovered how interesting a project Dash is and how well it aligns with my own principles.

I live in Medellín, Colombia, am fluent in Spanish and am thinking about how I can get Latin Americans to become involved in crypto.

Thrilled to be learning about Dash now!
Hello I am from Central Cali, I wanted to say Dash is by far the most motivated and organized I've seen in the space. My specialty is construction and building codes.(specifically California energy and green codes)
Hey everyone! I'm Ransom, a specialized social engineering guru. I have been doing this for the past 5 years and started studying market and company manipulation 10 years ago. For those that don't know what SE (Social Engineering) is, I'll give you a short explanation. SE is basically divided in 2, Black Hat and White Hat, just as hacking. Black Hat ones trick firms into sending them free packs, White hat ones fight to manipulate enormous discounts out of firms. I am a White Hat specialized in mass bulk trades. I will put up a post here and offer my service to the community. Feeling like I can get back to a community and see what I can do to help.
Hello dash community

My name is Ronald Arreaza, I am an electrical engineer graduated in Venezuela.

Since July 2017, I have been a disruptive technologies entrepreneur and innovator, as 3D Printings, cryptocurrencies and drone racer. I love to fly drones and the freedom that its brings. Also, I consider that the cryptocurrency world should be adopted massively. In my opinion , I love Dash versatility as a coin.

I am the founder of Aratechnology, a startup focused on the development and implementation of disruptive technology.

We believe in technology as a way of a better quality of life.

We don’t know if the cryptocurrency will be established in time, but if I need to choose, I prefer to live in a cryptocurrency world.
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