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Hi been interested in dash for a long time, finally bought in at $300 range been a great journey so far and a fantastic project i fully support. Also a MN owner but not all that technical so not looked how to connect the badge symbol yet. really looking forward to 2018 and june time will be evolutionary !
Hello community friends,

I live in Norway, 52. Social worker, married and a 5-year old son.

I've watched Max Keiser over the years and knew of Bitcoin from the earliest years as he talked a lot about that. Unfortunately I thought this brave New world of crypto was way over my head, so I didn't investigate it. Wish I did.

Then last late summer we had a party at a friends boathouse. Three of us got to talk about Bitcoin. By this time I had slowly began to understand a little more and be more open to it. Me and another guy in a discussion With a guy who was dead set against it. The two of us who was positive agreed that he would investigate and tell me how it Works. I didn't hear anything from him about this however, so I figured I do it myself. Pretty early on I also read a lot about how to secure the coins, so ended up Reading up on Trezor and ordered it. In the meantime I joined LocalBitcoins and nervously ordered 0.01 BTC from a Professional dealer. That cost about $60. I received the Trezor, set it up and put my first BTC in it. To my delight I found the Trezor to work wonderfully.

So now I'm hooked and did a few more purchases. Maybe too much. As the Trezor supports Dash, I bought 2.5 Dash for Money my wife sent to my bank account to buy BTC for. She got angry I bought Dash instead of BTC, but calmed as very shortly after this, Dash had it's steep increase. Bought it at $ 280 and this is easily the best transaction I've done in my life. Especially the time it was way up at 1600.
Bought LTC at $ 64 and sold for BTC at $ 95. That was a bad Call as LTC had it's parabolic rise shortly thereafter. Well, you live and you learn (hopefully).

As I see Things now, I feel comfortable owning only BTC and Dash. I started to read up on Dash and the more I read, the more I liked it. The community sounds great, although perhaps not nearly as active as With other cryptos. It's more laid-back. It doesn't boast, although it has every reason to do so.

I'm technically not prolific. But I do like many aspect of Dash, like it has plans and Projects and aspirations to make it into practical Application. I really hope Dash will succeed in Zimbabwe With KuvaCash and in other countries where the authorities have destroyed their local currencies. Looking and Reading around the web, almost everybody talk only about prices and profits, pump and dump, me me me, Money, Money, Money. Even though I live in a very affluent country where everybody has Access to banking, I appreciate the plans to enable less fortunate an alternative to the centralized payment outlets that charge them insane fees. That instead, People can bypass those and make payments peer-to-peer, quickly and at low cost.

I like that Dash has InstantSend and the possibility of PrivateSend. I also like very much the total supply of only 18 million coins. I like very much how the profits are Distributed and that 10% goes to fund further Development and making Dash the best funded crypto. This is pure genious, no Wonder it is being copied.
And most important of all, the People. It seems to me Dash has a lot of competent and loyal People working to always improve Dash.

Dash is, when viewing different crypto Groups, almost totally ignored, it seems. People tend to shill all kinds of crazy coins chasing profits, hoping they'll Catch another Bitcoin in the making. And the constant shilling of Ripple, a total supply of eventually 100 billion and people think it will be 10. 20, even 100 dollars. Crazy and I will have no part in that stuff.
This is actually good for those who want to load up on Dash because I think if Evolution and all the plans goes well, 2018 will be a fantastic year for Dash.

Thank you for Reading and have a great week.
Hi everyone,

My name is Max, I’m 25 and currently live in Russia. I am kind of crypto-enthusiast and a holder of Dash. I hope that release of Evolution will change the game in crypto-world and make Dash used widely around the globe, even though the competition gets harder and harder.

I work as a digital marketer in big marketing agency in Moscow, which is called MGCom (ranked top-1 performance-marketing agency in Russia in tagline index) and lead a which specialises in marketing for blockchain projects. In terms of marketing I hope to help Dash reach it’s goals in Russia and worldwide.

Thank you for reading and good luck!
Hello, I'm Alfredo from Venezuela.

I'm a crypto enthusiast, I've been studying for a while now and I believe in the way Dash wants to implement things so I had to come here and be a part of it!

Hello ! My name is Xavier I am from Costa Rica. Been involved with dash for a couple of years now here and would like to do more to promote dash in the region. Looking forward to learning from everybody on this forum!
Hi All,

I'm Andreas from Estonia. I have been looking this forum for a while, but now decided to make an account. Great to be here :)
Hi Dash! I'm a cryptocurrency investor and have been bullish on Dash for a while. Our Dash Pre-proposal is in the works. Hope you'll take a moment to look and provide feedback. Thanks!
Proposal will be all about Dash Academy!
Check it out if you're interested: http://www.dashacademy.com/

Would welcome any feedback you have! Thanks for asking.

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