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NEW MEMBERS: Welcome to Dash! Introduce yourself...

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I'm very excited to be joining this community. I'm fed up with the corruption which rules most of our existence today and I want to be part of changing it. I've known about bitcoin for a long time but always ignored it - I guess I belong to an earlier generation so I was/am a goldbug.

I only heard about crypto-currencies other than bitcoin within the last few months. I found out about dash because I was idly looking into what happened to Ben Swann and then found out that he had just signed a deal with dash (so that idea has already netted you at least one new user :)) and then stayed to read around.

I loved what I read and I suddenly get the whole crypto currency thing - wish I'd bothered to investigate properly all those years ago. Oh well - lesson learned.

I also wish I would have invested when I first heard about Bitcoin
Hello everyone, actually i stumble this forum when learn about altcoin, hope i will not late again to invest or something.
Hola feliz tarde para todos ,he tenido inconvenientes con el internet ,pero estoy a pendiente y me gustaria saber mas sobre todo lo refernte a dash y las criptomonedas y el bitcoin .
[QUOTE = "ElDash, post: 153262, member: 20533"] ¡Hola, un amigo me envió un enlace a los videos de Amanda y estoy muy agradecido! Ahora soy el orgulloso propietario de Dash, y estoy trabajando para convertir a mis amigos y mi familia. También :)soy cineasta y comercializador digital y vivo en Irlanda. Encantado de conocerlos a todos. [/ QUOTE]
MARIDOa bienvenida
Hi I am Shayibu Yussif from Ghana,i was been introduced to dash by a friend since then i have been learning about dash. Am glad to be here because i want to learn more about dash
Hello Dash Forum. Setting up Dash ATM on GB BATM. Have lots of questions due to lack of backend operations knowledge on linux. Hope I am in the right place!
Hello! I'm Rafael

I've been following the collaborative economy movement since the early years, I'm an independent consultant and I work for a non profit that promotes sustainable solutions with technology, I also advice the local government, I've been an advisor for incubators and accelerators in Mexico and the US. I started programing at the age of 15 so technology is in my source code ;). I promote innovation locally by incubating communities from programming to entrepreneurship.

We have build a strong offline community locally and growing on which we promote innovation, entrepreneurship and technology. This is a perfect fit so we can work on getting the word out about the platform and evangelize with our current network 10k people, we have the support of the government and local tv and radio stations. I'm currently one of the member of Crypto Tabasco a community founding member we promote and help humans to understand blockchain.

I' really interested to find ways to help the word out about DASH and it's awesome community.
I'm here to help.

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