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NEW MEMBERS: Welcome to Dash! Introduce yourself...

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Hi Everyone,

Chris Spadafora here from Toronto Canada.

I'm a huge Dash and cryptocurrency enthusiast and I have been working closely with the Dash team to launch their official merchandise line through my business Always Hodl. Some exciting news coming and looking forward to connecting with the Dash Nation!

Hi DASH Community,

new forum member hailing from Germany! My name is Seen, I work in corporate event- and travel management, plus I have a strong background in CRM and hospitality management.

I’ve been into crypto currencies since 2012/2013 when I got my first BTC and I have been an enthusiast ever since. Around a year and a half ago a good friend introduced me to DASH, and due to the ongoing scaling debate and the political issues that came with it, my focus started shifting from Bcore/Bcash to DASH...guess reasons are self-explanatory.

I’m excited to become part of this dynamic community and I look forward to working with you all towards our common goal to establish DASH as the No.1 crypto currency!
Hello, a friend sent me a link to Amanda's videos and I'm very grateful! I'm now the proud owner of some Dash, and am working on converting my friends and family also :) I'm a filmmaker and digital marketer living in Ireland. Nice to meet you all.
Hello, I'm brand new on this forum and a DASH supporter. I have a D3 Antpool mining problem as a new miner and hope someone here is familiar enough with Antpool's setup to help me out. While it looks like Bitmain has saturated the mining market, I was also thinking about looking at mining some other coin, or simply stash whatever small amt I can get now for future growth.
Hello Dash Forum! I am Rosa and a Dash enthusiast since it was $9! I am co-owner a blockchain cowork space in Tampa, FL. Very happy to be here!
Hi, I have been around the crypto scene since 2010, based in London. I used to be known as ATM_London on irc.

Im currently working with the ICOcrowd magazine team.

I like cats, kiteboarding and crypto.
Hello! I have been mining Bitcoin since it was worth roughly $5 but made the mistake of selling around $20. After years of walking away from the Crypto Sphere - I am glad to hear that there are so many great minds working together and solving all kinds of different problems and looking at problems in new ways. I've found that DASH solves the problems some other 'currency' coins have. Although I barely have any DASH holdings - I would love to be apart of the network and team and work to spread the word about DASH.
Hello Guys
Thank you for having me in the group,
i tried uploading my Avatar but its not the right format , hay ho there you go,
i will sort it out in the morning
i'm from the land of the Brexiteers . . . . All for one and one for all !!
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