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New Dash Marketing Videos : Freelancing Industry


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Hi there,

As part of our project, we have made 4 videos to educate freelancers about blockchain technology and more specifically about Dash. Incase anyone finds any one or all them them useful for something they are doing, please feel free to use them. In case there is something you would like to collaborate on or discuss, please feel free to get in touch.

The entire course can be viewed at Dashlancer.com

Dash For Freelancers:

Dash: Technology & Features

How to install a Dash Wallet

Transferring Dash

Gaurav Gupta


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I love them!
Question. What platform would the freelancers be using to connect with employers and mediate between both parties?

Hi fl0at1ng_p01nt

Thank you so much! :)

You can check out the platform at Dashlancer.com

At present, our limited aim is to educate freelancers about Dash and use it for direct transactions with employers.
Most of these transactions are usually direct and not on any platform.

This effort is aimed at promoting Dash as an International Remittance method, that is Fast, Cheap, Private and Global.An improvement on Banks, Wire-Transfers and Paypal.

We see the need to create a two-sided ecosystem to connect employers with with freelancers and mediate between them.

We plan to start work on that soon.

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hey buddy , we will send 100s of freelancers to your site , Dashlancer.com , can we work some sort of deal and how it works etc ??

Getfreedash.com has 10,000 plus people who can refer their freelancer friends to your site, we need to split commission between us and the people who refer their freelancer friends to your site.


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Great idea..! I have dropped you a message back.. Happy to discuss!

We are working on an update. Should be fine now.. :)

i love these videos, really good work.

You may want to have a look at the grid on your website where it highlights the benefits of international Dash payments over wire
transfers and pay-pall as there seems to have been an error and certain boxes don't match up.

regardless this is awsome.


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Hola Andrés.

Hemos recibido su solicitud, sin embargo, la bonificación está limitada a los traductores autónomos en el sur de Asia por el momento. Muchas gracias por visitarnos. Le informaremos cuando abramos esto en su región. :)



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yo intente solicitar el bonus soy de venezuela y nunca me llego :( la pagina debería especificar los requisitos para poder