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Need Logo for DarkSend and DarkGravityWave


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The logo doesn't need to look like a coin at all.

DarkSend is the Beta anon part of the wallet.

DarkGravityWave is the replacement for KGW to adjust the Diff based on Network has rate.


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oh my gosh, have you been to the Darkcoin logo thread? Design by committee? AAAAAhHHHHHHH LOL

Good ideas, but all get pulled apart! And you want to start another such thread? Are you MAD? :mad: :eek: o_O


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Here are a few that I did that are similar to some of my posts for the Darkcoin logo:




edit: one of the logos was the wrong link
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In what capacity would the DarkSend logo be used? For example, if this were the design of the eventual darksend button on the wallet, I think it'd be about perfect (especially if the main logo also used a lock.... even better if the locks were the same design).


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This is from the logo thread. And it is not mine. It's originally from Schwede65. I just think it's the best one I've seen so far of DarkSend. I added the red because sending something seems like it should be highlighted with red. And this is just the thought from my smartphone. Once again this is from Schwede65.


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The QBC developer made this for his PRE-ANN thread. Plus he gave Evan all the credit he could possibly give for using DGW and X11, which is nice.



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Here's one. Too complicated I think, but I like something about it too.
This led me to something else that isn't done yet. Maybe another one in a day or two...


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And here's my awesome idea for DGW that turned out stupid...
(I'm so mad!)


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I am no designer, or I would submit my own ramblings is design form. So a measly 0.02 DRK if you'd permit.

Darkcoin/Darksend, as a name is beautiful. BUT... associated with the notion of "sending money anon" has two implications. Illegality vs freedom.
Rainbows make it look like "gay freedom" and 1985 design. Dark blue and black make it look Darth Vader'ish and too obscure. The envelope makes it look like a Gmail app (and IMHO is horrible as an independent symbol of DRK, and implies representation of locked email because of gmail graphic association)

Think of something positive, associate it with freedom. Don't make it look gay. Dark blue/black looks cool as f*ck IMHO, but the edges in the arrows seem too authoritative. I would keep the dark/blue/arrows, but introduce some fluid curves around the actual logo and 2 arrows, pointing opposite direction, around the DRK logo, meaning DRK makes is anonymous, but the two-way direction-flow makes it feel "easy to come and go"

Like the snakes in the pharma symbol, sort of. To represent easy of use, fluidness, organic of sorts, DRK as center, opposite direction pointing arrows meaning - two way connecting communication.


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Good point on the italics. The backwards arrow is a problem to remove since it's in the D logo itself.
The main problem with that one is the little flag sticking off of the top breaking the "square" of the graphic.
Here's another version of it.



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