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Need Help Understanding Supernova Earnings

David Yaffe

New member
Sorry for the newbie question. Just added D3's to my rig. Have two running, using dash.supernova.cc pool.

My confirmed earnings for the first 4 days is 0.03126412 DARK. When I use an online converter to calculate that to US dollars it only comes out to about $19.00. Has it gotten so bad to mine X11 that, THAT is all we make? ($8.50/day), or am I calculating this wrong?

I don't see anywhere on the supernova website to explain this, or explain the difference between DASH and Dash.

Can someone help me understand why I'm only seeing $19 in 4 days of mining?

Sarcastic and non-helpful remarks are not welcome.


Vedran Yoweri

New member
impossible without being sarcastic, but that's the world we live in.
it's how proof of work works. more miners. higher difficulty. weak hands give up. difficulty stabilizes. new miners enter network. and so on.
anyway, you made 0,03126412×$626 = $19,57 not $8.5. marvelous system.

David Yaffe

New member
As I figured (8.5 each miner, rough guess, have two miners). Thanks for your honesty. Good with hanging in there, see how it goes. Hopefully, it will somehow, get back to how it was a few months ago. Thanks again. D