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Nairobi Cryptocurrency Symposium - Semptember 10th


Umati Blockchain Limited will be hosting a one-day cryptocurrency symposium at the Marble Arch Hotel in Nairobi on September 10th (website to come soon). The symposium is aimed mostly at freelancers in Nairobi who are using cryptocurrency to accept payment for online jobs, but is also geared towards individuals who want to use cryptocurrencies as an investment-vehicle. The organizers have two whatsapp groups focused on Bitcoin, both with around 250 people.

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This proposal has several specific aim (and a few general ones).

1) include a module on dash during the symposium.
  • This will be a 1-hour presentation that explains Dash network, specifically the elements that are novel compared to bitcoin.
  • A demonstration showing how to use Dash with various wallets, including electrum-dash with Trezor integration
  • A faucet offering anyone who gets a Dash wallet during the symposium a token amount of Dash to hold
  • An invitation to start a SACCO with the intention of jointly-investing in a masternode
  • Asking questions to the community about innovations to the Dash network would be most appealing to them
  • Open up a forum to see how it might be possible to do Dash/Mpesa integration
2) generally raise awareness about Dash in Africa
  • I have not seen any proposals on the MN network specifically related to Africa
3) a personal aim of creating a small budget proposal and building trust for future projects
  • I have been running a masternode for only about 6-months now and started it specifically because of the appealing governance aspect of the network
  • the company I started Umati Blockchain Limited, intends on building blockchain products and would like to be able to use Dash network to build these products. We are specifically interested in working with tokens and have looked at other platforms like Colu, Colored Coins, Open Assets, Counterparty, Ethereum, etc. but would be thrilled to be able to work with Dash especially considering the Point-of-Sale implementations in Evolution that are in the works.

5 Dash + 5 Dash as reimbursement for proposal

  • 1 Dash -Will create a social media campaign leading up to the conference offering anyone who gets a Dash wallet the chance to win a free ticket to the event. Tickets are 1000 Kenyan Shillings (around $10)
  • 2 Dash- Will be used for the faucet. We expect 200 people to show up so if everyone gets a wallet that would be .01 Dash per person
  • 1.5 Dash- Will be used to create graphics for the presentation via Fiver and for printing the material.
  • .5 Dash-Will be used to create the website with integration for Dash payments
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has my votes for sure!

if it passes, and it should, i will donate one more DASH to the faucet so that everyone there can get a little bit more. anybody else want to match me or more?