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My 2 cents about Simplex

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Hi guys, there was an announcement about month ago that Dash partners with Simplex to enable purchase with credit cards.

I was buying btc on Binance about 10 times with by debit card and when you do that they redirect you from Binance to Simplex website. 9 times it was okay. But last time when I was about to buy btc on $1500 usd money went from my card but on Simplex website I got message something like "error, please try again". And no btc was credited to my binance account.

I contacted with Simplex support, and I found them very unhelpful people who was just sending me some random ctrl+c ctrl+v sentences, and nothing happened after weeks of texting with them, I didn't got my btc or money back to my card. Here is exactly what they was replying to me, not all but just a part of their excuses:

  1. Please note that your card was NOT charged for this transaction. If you see a charge on your credit card statement, it is only an authorization check to hold that amount on your credit card. The money should be released within the next 48 business hours. At that time you should see no pending payments to Simplex.
  2. Your card was declined by the issuer
  3. I carefully looked into your payment and found that the authorization check failed to void.
  4. Please note that after an in-depth review of the purchase, we noticed that your payment was declined by your bank at - 2019-05-11 05:18:12 (UTC) which means that Simplex did not pre-authorize the amount that was selected for the purchase which is (1500 USD)
When I requested chargeback in my bank and manager from my bank contacted them Simplex guys send me this:

We wanted to know if there was an issue with the payment, and if we could help.

And at the same time they send to my bank manager email where they said that this transaction was completed and they include in email link to blockchain.com website with url of some completed btc transaction. Like hey, look! We sent him his bitcoins long time ago!

It was a lie, I got nothing and I was sending them as well as to my bank screenshots from binance deposit page showing that nothing was deposited.

So I got my $1500 back, thanks to lady from my bank. Happy end for me and I don't use Simplex anymore.

Hope this story will give you some idea who this people are.
Scam - In market critical period, which happens, payments or others services you might rely on, simply fails. Then you search for other to replace it, and it is how I found Simplex. I've trusted it, read about it's "mission" and other things like that, so I've decided to give it a try. In transaction I was clearly shown what I am signing up for - X of product for X of my money(simple example) and I agreed to that.

What happened - Transaction was held for few hours, market was going up and down that time, I couldn't do anything about but to wait and see if trusting Simplex was worth it, however after that period of waiting, I've received less crypto, that Transaction was made on. I literally got an information I would get a full tomato for 1 coin, and I agreed to that transaction. I've received 2/3 of that tomato for a coin... not sure how to put it better, I just received less than I have signed for.

I've written to their service, absolute corporation and environment trying to discourage people with loss. Support took 1,5 to 2h to contact me via CHAT, what is funny, queue was dropping pretty fast...untill some point. Just like when there were less people in queue waiting for help, along with them support agents were also vanishing. I wasn't discouraged, I wanted to check what I will get(during the process of course their help pages were all made in a way to hide support and discourage you from contact, unless via email, for which reply I still wait right now) During the chat support contact, nice lady said a sentence then pasted prepared information about all the fees and so on - Literally copied all defenses against a customer to discourage him with corpo-bull*t

What happened next is I've posted that at least in my country, it is forbidden by law to sell a product, but send a different one(or in this example sell let's say 1BTC and ultimately, after few H send 0,8 of it for the same money)

I was thrown a lot of information like - You paid a fee of 100$ - I've replied that I was charged 13$ fee, so then she said that thare are fees from platform I bought crypto - but they were counted in already.

I couldn't get any clear answer, why They took part of my crypto as a payment, instead of my money, any refund of missing crypto, any gratification, refund, nothing. It's the type of scam where you cut people for small numbers so they resign, and get rich on fees and small cuts. Absolutely avoid this, unless you like to lose parts of money/crypto and get tossed a tons of automated mails and corpo answers that make yo spin in circles.
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