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We really need to get this startup to take Darkcoin. It would be so awesome if I could buy darkcoin, like I have to buy bitcoin on CoinBase. If I were interested in Bitcoin, it wouldn't matter that I have to wait a week for my money to clear. But I want that bitcoin to buy darkcoin, and if I bought more today, the price of darkcoin might rocket by the time I have my bits, and I'll lose out, so I don't.

Anyway, It seems like a very serious effort, and they have a relatively large staff. I mean it's all a risk anyway. So if we could all ask @Moolah on twitter or email them to add darkcoin, I think they'll do it. But they said they need more show of community support.

So please send them an email or tweet, Thanks!
Could you add a link or an email address as well as the twitter feed?

[yes, I can google it, but it might be easier for others :)]
hiddendark, did you use fiat?? Shoot, I didn't realize that people were posting, LOL. I see my little picture, and thought that meant I was the last to post, LOL!
Ok, https://moolah.io/ Web site. I made an account but it's not fully up and running yet. This is not an endorsement, I have no idea how trustworthy they are?

Btw, they're fairly prominently involved with the doge community (e.g. acting as safekeeper for funds for their current fundraiser) so I think they're pretty legit. Their aim is more to facilitate the use of crypto on the web as a medium of commerce and hence they thankfully seem to be pursuing legitimacy rather than a sketchy MtGox etc. approach.
Interesting! Well, I'm not in a position to purchase any dark or anything at the moment, but I'm really excited to see them get everything up and running!