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Moocowmoo's Magic Masternode Maker

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Hello moocowmoo,

I have some trouble with restarting my masternode (ID 91683190) after 12.03 update. Yesterday I got my reward and I waited until you updated the bench of hostnodes to v0.12.03 this morning. Then I restarted my masternode by DMT (v0.9.20 - protocol version 70210)

When you start a masternode, you're announcing a few things. One of which is the ip address.
Somehow you managed to plug in an ip address that is not your masternode. So, when nodes tried to talk to the node you're hosting with me, their pleas for pings were being sent somewhere else.

Change your tool configuration ip address from the 178.32... one to the correct one that starts with 174.138 and issue another start. That'll fix your problem and keep you started.

Email me if you have any more questions!

( Sorry 'bout the delay. I'm always happy to help, just had to help my newly born on Friday 13th girl first! :) )
Somehow you managed to plug in an ip address that is not your masternode.
The IP wasn't the problem. The IP is now an other because after 3 days without any response from you I moved to an other hosting service.

Email me if you have any more questions!
As you can see in your mailbox, I did it multiple times but till now I I didn't receive any answer from you.

As I wrote you in one of my emails, there can always be reasons why you can not take care of a disturbance. I understand that. But if you offer such a service that requires a quick support then you should at least leave a notice of absence for your customers or a short personal message that you fix the problem as soon as possible.
I have just set up a masternode with your service after a, 6 month or so, sabbatical :D
@moocowmoo You are some sort of genus. I am happy that Dash has you.
The hosting setup process was so easy and quick I am still in shock. Keep up the bovine work!
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Hey @moocowmoo

Just wanting to confirm that you will be updating the hosted masternodes to Dash 0.13.0, and letting owners know somehow once this is complete?

From what I understand:
  1. You will update the MN software
  2. Owner will issue a 'masternode start' (or do you do this?)
  3. Wait for DIP003 to activate
  4. Owner will register the MN using DMT
  5. Owner will send you the BLS key
Please let us know if this is correct and how exactly this will be carried out.

Hello Everybody!

Sorry about the delay!

I'd intended to have Monday and Tuesday to get everything ready, but my wife's been bedridden this week with the flu so I've been on double daddy duty.
Gridlocked school commutes bookending non-stop babysitting. My seven month old just started crawling. <sighs> Gone are the days of finding her where I put her.

But, that's likely super boring to you. On to the meat of the sandwich!
  1. I've created a public discord for you all to get in touch quickly. Join https://discord.gg/zqGwQnB if you like!
  2. Hosting fees will remain the same flat-rate $35 per 90 days as always.
    (I'll get hosting payments automated and online after the dust settles.)
  3. Set the operatorReward to zero, or if feeling generous and/or tipsy, something more. :)
  4. Each node is configured with its own operator bls keypair. dash.conf masternodeblsprivkey is already set.
  5. All status pages on masternode.me now display that nodes operatorPubKey in the configuration section at the bottom.
    (If you have lost/forgotten your masternode.me urls or need a bulk listing, contact me in the discord above.)
  6. Whether using the core wallet, dash-cli, or Dash Masternode Tool (recommended!),
    use the operatorPubKey I've provided.

    If you've already sent your proRegTx using operator keypair(s) you've generated, send me three things per node: the ip address, the operator secret key, and the operator public key. Use https://docs.masternode.me/privatebin/ to securely send them -- default settings are fine. Send me the url it creates. (Use burn after reading if you want to annoy me. I'd rather you just https://keybase.io/encrypt it to me. (tabs sometimes crash)).

  7. Use that operatorPubKey in the ProRegTx creation. Here's the manual instructions and the DMT instructions.
    (DMT screencap is stale, it now has an option to use the public key. Make sure you're using the latest version!)
  8. I'll be adding more feedback/information to the status pages once I've finished writing these updates.
  9. dashman gets upgraded to work with dip3 commands/data right after that.
To everybody that's been trying to get in touch with me on Twitter, Reddit, dash-forum, and email, please accept my sincere apologies for not yet responding.
The network demands administration, administration demands code, code demands focus, focus demands prioritizing.

I assure you I will be addressing every message as soon as I'm able!

Please use my public discord to get in touch with me. I have too many unread everythings to not lose signals in the noise.

Thanks for your patience and support everybody!

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It's not very prudent to give your IP and public operator key to the whole world @forro
@splawik21 He was notifying me about one of my nodes. Not sure how you missed that.

@tungfa Not sure how you missed that either. I'll tell you the same thing I'm finding I'm having to tell myself more and more lately: "Don't rush to error."

Appreciate your intent guys, but that's a public url.


@forro thanks for the notify. I'm aware, just busy with other stuff, and as an example, the page still works. :)
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