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Mining Hardware Comparison

Has anyone got a good tuning for an Nvidia GTX 690 with sgminer?

Don't mock me, it was a gaming rig before I started mining!
Nvidia rigs are not compatible with the SGminer, it will not work, and Cudaminer has not been adapted for X11 as of yet.
A question on using R9 290.

The hardware list has I20. That's nearly full on using cgminer for scrypt and would generate a lot of heat, noise and power draw.

Does Darkcoin mining still run cool with I20?
Mining dark with SPH-sgminer is cooler and thus less noisy. Using between 30%-50% less power than scrypt. This coin is a whole 'nother animal.
I added new info to the Hardware list and combined the GPU and CPU lists to one link. There are tabs on the bottom to switch between the two.

@HammerHedd, I'm not aware of anyone mining DRK with NVIDIA.

I'm mining with a pair of GTX 690s (4 cores) with SGminer. I get about 370k/HS per core with -I 18 -w 256


I think cudaminer would get a lot more, but ...

It currently gets unstable above intensity 18 with 335.23 drivers. They are water-cooled and sit right at about 50C after an hour of mining.
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I get a solid 3.15 mh/s with my 6990, and another 550 kh/s with my i7 4771

On Win8, I'm using a very basic command line input to get those speeds. Also the 6990 is clocked at 880 and 1250 which is the factory OC. The more I tinkered, the worse my hash rates were... so in the end I just went with KISS and let it run

Temps are ok, haswell runs hot. 69-75c for the CPU and 58-63c for the GPU. I have them WC'd on a single 120x80 radiator in a SFF rig (b/c why not?).

--xintensity 100 --gpu-threads 1 --no-submit-stale
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My Gigabyte Radeon 6850 runs at 880 kh/s with GPU clock at 800 mhz (775 mhz on stock) and memory clock at 900 mhz (1 GHZ on stock). Settings: -- I 18 --w 256 -s 1
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Hi all .. Been mining for a while now with 2 7970. I just recently got a 7770 ghz edition of a mate to add to my miner . I'm getting 650k does any one have any better speeds with this card. I can't seem to find anything relating to the 7770 ghz edition for the x11 algorithm..

Many thanks
2.15mh out of each 280x Vapor-X

On my late 2013 13" Macbook I couldnt' manage anything over 50kh/, but what is really shocking is getting 230kh/s from a VMware Ubuntu with 3 cores and 2gb ram. The Mac is left with 1 core and 6Gb ram, and I dont feel any difference at all in performance!
2180 khash/s (yay!!!) from an EVGA Nvidia GTX770 SC dual bios (04G-P4-3773-KR) on second bios with ccminer on 2009 Mac Pro with W3520 Xeon, OS X 10.9.3, no setup.