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Meetup in Iran

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Zeynab Khani

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Tuesday, 16th of July 2019 was a different day for Dash Iran team because of having the first Dash meetup in Iran.
The meetup announcement was done a few days before on Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, dashcrypto.org website and also discord, and of course it was open to for everyone.
About 15 people took part in this meetup, mostly students and graduates of computer and electrical engineering who were very passionate about introducing Dash to other people.
The meetup was comprised of two theoretical and practical parts. At first Dash, its hash algorithm, consensus and parties involved in it being miners and master-nodes, creation of the coins, features like instant payment and private send and the process of governance in the network were explained to the participants. Then Dash wallets for different platforms were introduced and everyone installed the mobile wallet for their phones and got 0.03 Dash (about $5) as their first Dash coins. While doing the transactions everyone realized the low fee and speed of the transaction's confirmations and some had brilliant ideas about its use-cases in the everyday life.
This was the first meetup of the meetup series that Dash Iran is planning to do and we aim to hold the meetups in other parts of Iran as well.

I would like the girls to wear a burqa instead of a hijab.
And the boys too.
Dash is supposed to be a coin that welcomes anonymity, so burqa is a dash compatible garment.

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