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Legal Services Paid for with Dash

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Greetings all,

I'm interested in earning Dash in exchange for legal services.
Anyone willing to purchase legal services with Dash should contact me.
Excellent, way to be an early adopter. If you have not already, you should go get yourself listed on our official list:


It's free.

Legal services is a pretty big universe. Do you have a specialty? Are you licensed in several or many states?

Certainly there are some circumstances (federal law) where one may practice law in a state different from the one that you are licensed in.

Give us the elevator pitch.

How did you come to discover Dash?

Finest regards,

Thanks for the note of encouragement.

My company works with owners, contractors, designers and suppliers to craft a legal framework that enables owners - public and private - to procure planning, design and construction services from integrated teams. Those integrated teams create built assets virtually first, as 3D Models and then, once everyone agrees on the scope, cost and schedule, those integrated teams construct the actual built assets in the real world. The legal framework my company puts in place enables the integrated team to turn digital assets over to owners that empower those owners to manage the built assets intelligently overtime. We help owners adjust local ordinances, state statutes and federal regulations to allow the use of integrated teams and we craft Requests for Qualifications, Requests for Proposals, Integrated Agreements and Implementation Plans to support the process described above.

In the Dash world I anticipate providing a variety of traditional legal services including contract review, assistance with business creation, and estate planning. Am also investigating the use of smart contracts on the blockchain and use of digital cash to pay for services on actual projects.

I've been watching the Dash community grow for almost 3 years now. Finally decided to take the plunge.

You're the guy that insures that everybody's on the same page, and the project goes ahead, despite the clumsy and unhelpful bureaucrats.

I'm glad you exist. I could never do your job. And welcome to the Dash community.
Not open for further replies.