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Join DCG's Brown Bag sessions!


Dash Core Group
Sup everyone! :)

DCG has started a series of weekly Brown Bag Sessions.

Every Friday, we make a group call, share our progress, market insights and knowledge in an informal setting. Everyone is invited! This Friday, Dash Platform's Principal Engineer, Ivan Shumkov, will talk about the Platform's post-MVP features.

We will discuss details, rationales and priorities of the future roadmap. You'll be able not only to track our progress, but also ask any question related to the platform, and discuss its future prospects.

Join DCG this Friday, June 10th, at 2 PM UTC, and become part of The Platform's Roadmap Reflections: https://meet.google.com/tyn-suzb-eop

See you tomorrow!
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@Marine is this thread be updated with the new posts with the links for the further sessions?