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Jaxx wallet problem


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To anyone who may concern. Sorry for my bad English as it is not my native language, but anyway..

So i heard about Dash and i decided to get some, put in my wallet, but wait, i don't have any Dash wallet, so i went to official Dash website [slash] wallets. These is a list of some wallets apps including "Jaxx". Okay, i chose it, installed on my iPhone, but it seems like it was not last version of the App, not sure why.
Then i configured my humble farm to make payments to this wallet.. and then i wait.. about 5 days. After 5 days i've noticed that something is definitely wrong with balances in my Jaxx wallet, i made some comparison with public data on cryptoid website and it was pretty clear that theres some mistakes in transactions: one was missed and other was with wrong balances.
So i made a ticket to Jaxx support and.. i got an answer from them! they recommended to use Jaxx Chrome extension since it has newer version and should not have these bugs. Okay, i did, of course it didn't help :) So i've answered to Jaxx support by email and i said that it didn't help. I also attached screenshot with clear comparison (you can see it in my conversation log with support, i will attach it to this post). And.. nothing :) nothing for 4 days ) no answer from support ) So i made another ticket in which i point to that issue. After that instead of help me with my issue they gave ma an answer that i should not make multiple tasks for 1 issue lol :) And of course after that still nothing changes and no answer..

Then i went to App Store to make a review on their App.. and i was shocked that a lot of people have similar problems!

As you can see later it's not big money, i've lost about $30, but it's not about how much right ?)

It's not like i hope that Dash team will remove link to Jaxx App from their website (though it would be great), but i just want this story to go public. And maybe it will stimulate Jaxx team to care more about customers, or maybe it will save someone from installing Jaxx.


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I have been trying to contact Jaxx wallet support team for 2 weeks now but they will not reply. There is .42 bit coin missing from my wallet, I have emailed support 3 times but they wont respond. Can anyone tell me how to contact them???