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Introduction To A Pre-Proposal From @stellabelle

thanks so much! Yes, it's under the Marketing umbrella, but a more accurate description would be building a "How To Dash" publication on Medium which is a fairly mainstream site. My goal is to combine "how to" articles with a more humorous approach on YouTube. When I finish the videos, I'll let you know so you can embed them. Thanks again for your compliments. I actually started the Dash For Newbies Medium publication today:
I built that with the intention of having Dash users submit their own articles, which can then be spread outwards on Medium.

Hi There, Thanks for the message.
Im looking forward to the videos.
Yes please let me know when they are done. ha ha..

I like the Idea for medium. Is there a way I can reference to it. in a constructive way from dashwallet.co.za ?