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Introducing HardFork: The First Narrative Blockchain Series

Do you see the future as a utopia or a dystopia?

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Hello Dash Community,

We are the HardFork series team, the first television series and game focused on the Blockchain and cryptocurrencies and we are happy to be here with you all.

HardFork is a crypto-noir thriller set in a near future world where decentralized factions work to overthrow their society's Central Financial Services.


Our goal is to combine the art of filmmaking and storytelling techniques with the still underrepresented and truly fascinating landscape of blockchain in the narrative space. HardFork will evoke a detailed future forward sci-fi world in which cryptocurrencies play a key part.


Sundance Film Festival alum & Cannes Lion winning director Doug Karr, award-winning author Eric Vance Walton, writer Adil Elias and accomplished actor Christopher James Baker, along with Andrew Levine (Steemit) and Naomi Brockwell (who many of you must be familiar with) are among the core team members.

Leveraging Professional-grade Filmmaking to Bring Cryptocurrencies to the Masses

The biggest success of a media project of this nature is if it helps magnetize a community of highly engaged fans and is seen by the widest possible audience.


Having assembled a team of highly skilled and knowledgeable creatives, our aim is to launch HardFork in a matter of months, beginning with a trailer we already filmed, and then moving rapidly into production on the full series.

Our director Doug Karr is has worked in the industry since 1997 creating original independent films screened at over 50 festivals including Sundance and won multiple awards including 3 Cannes Lions. His films have been sold to Netflix and seen by audiences around the world and on numerous television channels.

Actor, Writer and Director **Christopher James Baker** best known for Netflix’s Ozark (2017), The Purge: Election Year (2016), HBO’s True Detective (2014), Sanctum (2011), The Condemned (2007) and many more.

Baker is joined by actors **Elia Monte-Brown** (Madam Secretary, The Affair). **Erinn Ruth** (Billions, Blindspot) and, of course, **Naomi Brockwell.**


Aside from the amazing actors attached, we are scheduled to launch a wider casting call in early 2018. Kate Geller, our Casting Director is a respected Hollywood professional and has worked on a multitude of blockbuster movies such as John Wick, The Wolverine, Noah, The Maze Runner, Demolition and more recently, Stephen King’s The Dark Tower. Our production department includes Liz Cowie, a producer with VICE ON HBO, who has worked as a senior producer at Vice where she’s overseen content from beginning discussions, to locked picture for over 12 years.

In short, our goal in creating this series is not only to entertain, but to help incite mass adoption of cryptocurrency. We’re certain that it’s going to be an exciting experience, and we will keep you all updated with all the progress in this amazing journey we have ahead.

We’re super excited to be among the Dash community!

The HardFork Series Team
Hey @jimbursch! We're a decentralized team with about half of us based in NYC and the rest global.
I make it out to LA frequently and would love to meet up next time I'm out West! I believe I have a trip coming up in January.
Looking forward to meeting you!
Hey @jimbursch,
We’ve been working hard on a teaser trailer for the series that we filmed over five days in New York with the plan of launching it along with a proposal for sponsorship funding from dash to help get the HardFork Series made. Thanks for going and checking out that little spot we made!
I strongly suggest that you (or a member of your team) spend some time getting to know the community before asking for money.

You will need to make the case for how your production will benefit Dash, and this will inevitably impact some creative decision making. You won't be respected as an artist if you promise the moon, and if you don't show enough love for Dash, you won't get funding. This will be a fine line to walk.

Take a close look at the Circus City project for a good precedent for a successfully funded creative project:

You will want to hook up with @Syntheist for advice and guidance.

Here are some of my suggestions:

-- Go big with your funding request. You have high production values, so much is expected, so go for full funding to maximize impact and success. You will have to make some concessions for Dash, so make it worthwhile.

-- Build relationships with established community members (like @Syntheist ) to gain buy-in.

-- Consider setting up some kind of escrow arrangement (see @Green Candle ) to reassure the community, especially if you go big with funding.

-- Think of incremental things you can do to build relationship and show commitment to Dash. Don't let asking for money be the first thing you do for Dash.
Well, I'm hoping this lives by it's name and let's viewers choose forks in the storyline...
Hey @GrandMasterDash, this is an excellent question, and absolutely an aspect to the game and series! We’re planning to have lots of easter eggs and audience interaction that will both serve to influence the game and the series itself and use dash incentives and giveaways in dynamic ways to influence the narrative. We'll be involving Dash community members who show interest in these gamification aspects as we move forward with production. Thanks again!
Hey @jimbursch,
Thank you so very much for your suggestions! This is super helpful.
We are indeed striving for super high end production values as you'll see when we publish the trailer on Dash Central. Super excited to hear your feedback on that!!
Wonderful, thanks so much for your continued help and guidance @jimbursch! I love doing video interviews and Q&A's so that's perfect. Another way we're talking about engaging the community locally and getting the word out about dash is through meetups in the NYC area, and the other spots our team live. I'd love to hear your thoughts on that front. Thanks!
we're talking about engaging the community locally and getting the word out about dash is through meetups

blah blah blah blowing smoke...

You're filmakers, not community organizers. Play to your strengths and expertise. Why do local meetups when you have skills to reach a huge audience through video? Unless of course your going to film the meetup and do something creative with it.

That tattoo shtick you did was great. Here's an idea -- do another version of that, but instead of some kind of hologram thingy its a tattoo of a Dash QR code, or maybe a wallet implant...

If your story is about a dystopian Big Brother thing, feature an underground economy that uses Dash Private Send to hide transactions from the Man -- funding the resistance. You don't even have to use that in the series -- just do a side video for Dash using the characters in the series. I tell you the Dash community would LOVE it.
For a while I have been mulling the organization of a video production team for Dash called DashStudio. I have a couple of projects in the works and yours looks like a good candidate for collaboration, if you're interested. I can help you engage the Dash community and maximize your chances of gaining Dash funding, when the time comes.

For background on me and my involvement with Dash...

I currently manage the Dash Bug Bounty Program, which was funded by the budget for 990 Dash last August

I developed Dash Incubator, a service for funding proposal fees and escrow (currently sidelined)

I am the founder/developer of Dash Messaging (very early stage startup)

My first project for Dash was a very simple invoicing system

The best way to reach me directly is to use Dash Messaging: