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WTT I will pay in Dash for you to make a purchase for me

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I am looking for someone to make a $99 USD purchase for me. You would make the purchase (online service, one-time purchase) and I will pay you in Dash. The purchase is sensual in nature, so stay away if this offends you.
I am offering an exchange rate of double the value. In other words, I will pay $198 Dash for a $99 purchase.
Please PM me if you are interested.
One day the service you are wanting to use will accept Dash directly, you might even want to email the service providers and ask them to accept it. PrivateSend will meet your needs then!
I am looking to make the same purchase again this year. (Renew subscription)
The subscription is now $149 and I will pay a higher amount than that (between $200-300, approx 1 dash)
You get to keep the change.
Again this is sensual in nature so if this offends you, do not reply.
My preference would be to deal with people I have talked with before, but I will work with anyone.
Not open for further replies.