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How to fork Dash correctly?


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Dear Dash-Community,

I'm (as you can see from profile) new to this forum. Am curious to learn and play around with the Dash source code in order to understand it better (and maybe add some functionality on my own). In order to do so, I'd like to fork the repository properly - but wasn't able to found any proper tutorials on "Forking Dash".
The only resources I was able to find were Bitcoin and Litecoin related (e.g. bitcointalk[dot]org/index.php?topic=3345808.msg35016844) - which explained the basic concepts pretty well, considering Dash is a fork of Litecoin and thus also Bitcoin.

Though there are so many appendixes to Dash that the tutorials and resources I was able to find, didn't properly cover the topic for Dash. (Besides the basic configuration, there are so many files that are hard to trouble-shoot and properly debug).

Therefore my question: Does anyone have in-depth suggestions (paid/free resources, good documentations, methods for approaching) on how to fork Dash?

Thanks a lot for your time and patience with an interested Newbie! :)

The above mentioned link is not an advertisement. It's a link that I found from another Dash thread on-site!
There is no need to 'fork' the repo, what you are looking for is 'clone' and then you can start your very own devnet.
What do you mean by "paid resources"?
Good material is often not free (especially if the question is very niche-specific). I'm looking for concrete guides on how to replicate and modify Dash.
"paid resources" include, but are not limited to paid videos (webinars e.g.), books, courses, etc.

There is no need to 'fork' the repo, what you are looking for is 'clone' and then you can start your very own devnet.
Thanks for correcting my terminology.
Still.. Are there good resources for that..?
I'm still not following, you want to fork Dash and not contribute your changes to Dash? Dash is open source, there are DCG employed developers as well as community developers, just make a PR to the dashpay repo and see if your code is accepted into the repo.