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How does this Ukraine crisis affect the crypto market?

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The current event taking place in Ukraine have lead to scarcity of oil and inflation o commodities that needed oil...

But how does this events affects the price of bitcoin and crypto currencies in general since now Ukraine and people in Russia use crypto?

Are the government going to also sanction exchanges and wallet owners?

Please I need you guys views on this
The trend is governments clamping down on their citizens harder. Required proof for sources of income is increasing. The financial gatekeepers gather the info for their government tax collectors. Additionally, in this increasingly politicized environment, visa requirements are increasingly becoming harder to obtain in an attempt to stem wealth leaving their shores... unless you are Ukrainian, then apparently, it's the easiest thing in the world and covid "follow the science" - "if only we can save one life" - goes out the window within days.

Get your passports, visas and assets in order now. Increase your crypto holdings and move all non-trading assets into self-custody ASAP. Fiat inflation starting to bite, liquidate more stable coins and increase your percentage of privacy coin holdings. Something big is happening, I can smell it but I can't tell if it's massive up or massive down. Alts are popping one at a time and bitcoin has barely moved, something isn't quite right.

Uncertain times, political volatility is high, If Ukraine is fast tracked to the EU, do not be surprised if Russian tanks enter bordering countries and the threat of going nuclear in put on the table. South America is starting to look attractive just to escape the radioactive fallout.
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I think this is actually a good question. I have been asking myself a lot about this topic the last days/weeks (not only about the crypto market – there are so many things that need some overthinking…). At first I felt like there has been quite a crash in the market (Am I right?). But in the end I think there is not a real threat to the market in total, it will still go on strong, and for me cryptocurrencies are (to some extend) the future. But I can’t give any advice on this, I’m still quite new to this topic – but I am also a little scared of the things going on over there.
The answer of @GrandMasterDash is way more professional :p so thanks for these tips.
I can imagine that the rich Russians in particular have already invested in cryptocurrencies and have thus “secured” themselves. They will certainly have already known what Mister P. is planning and will have made provisions accordingly. So probably also the government has done this. So only the middle class will be affected, and they will have to live with the consequences of this unnecessary attack. There remains only to hope that they do not want to endure this any longer.
In my opinion Bitcoin may increased more due Russia-Ukraine Crisis. And according to experts, as the war continues global financial markets as well as crypto market can be affected. It is gonna be more difficult for the investor to stick to their strategies.
I have been thinking about investing in cryptocurrency for a long time. Now I am 24 years old, I would like to have a good passive income by the age of 30.
I just started to study the topic of cryptocurrency, and I even found a proven payment system etc mining where you can track everything.
And what do you think, is it worth investing in cryptocurrency now? Now the crisis is coming on my heels and I'm afraid of losing money.
Do you think there is a big chance that cryptocurrency will die?
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it's a difficult time, of course, but by and large the economy will always rise... that's what it's built on.... so I think crypto still has a good future. It's still only at the beginning anyway, if you look at it that way....
The latest news from Russia on the topic of adopting crypto

Mikhail Mishustin said that cryptocurrencies should be integrated into the Russian economy

Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin said that the mechanism of circulation of cryptocurrencies should be integrated into the Russian economy.

"What concerns mining, the possibility of further regulation of the turnover, of course, it should be dealt with. And in the concept it was set out in detail. It was approved by us. There is no doubt that such issues can only be addressed jointly with the Central Bank to assess the risks, which, including cryptocurrencies, pose to the monetary circulation in Russia," he said.

In turn, the chairman of the Duma Committee on Labor, Yaroslav Nilov, spoke in favor of regulating cryptocurrencies and against their prohibition. He also suggested creating "cryptograds" in the regions - special offshore zones, where a citizen of any country with cryptocurrency could come, legalize it, pay taxes, get preferences and implement their projects.
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