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HolyTransaction.com - Universal multi-currency wallet - new vesion!


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It’s a multi currency online wallet designed for nontechnical users with ultimate goal of supporting all top cryptocurrencies.

What's inside?

Universal Wallet
Accept Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Peercoin, Blackcoin, Darkcoin and Mastercoin all in one place? Yes! Easily receive your cryptocurrency with HolyTransaction on your online wallet at any time.
You can send payments in one digital currency, and receive in another.

Digital Currency Exchange
HolyTransaction is a multi-currency online wallet with simple and instant conversion between supported currencies - we are the simplest exchange among top cryptocurrencies.
Send Darkcoin to a Bitcoin address.

Network Fee Is On Us
You can send cryptocurrency to anyone for free. If you exchange coins, our fee is included in the exchange you make.

Cutting Edge Security
We follow industry best practices and guarantee that your money is safe. We use both hot & cold storage.

Integrate cryptocurrency support into a website of any kind, from invoice processing to white-labeled multi-currency wallets. Contact us for more details.




We believe that this project will significantly speed up the adoption of cryptocurrencies around the world.


Follow our twitter for updates: http://twitter.com/holytransaction

Question? Post here or drop us a line at [email protected]

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Hey we have released a new version! Now your universal wallet is much faster!

What's new?
  • New UI
  • Speed of user interface is improved significantly
  • first payment options for CIS countries
  • improved security (improved key generation mechanism)
  • temporary disabled social networks support


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Hi vertoe! We are moving into that direction :)
If you have any questions for us, I'd be happy to answer them!


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We have released TelegramBot with Dash and Tether exchange!

We are excited to announce several new developments that have recently launched at HolyTransaction, in our continued effort to make digital currency easy and accessible for all.

Firstly, full conversion between Tether and our other supported cryptocurrencies including Dash is now available. Tether is blockchain-based digital currency that is backed backed 1-to-1, by traditional currency held in Tether reserves. One TetherUST, for instance, equals one dollar. The value of each Tether never changes, meaning that there is no fear of volatility. Tethers can also be withdrawn and held in any Bitcoin wallet where you control the private key.

Secondly, we are pleased to introduce our new HolyTransactionBot, available to users on both the Telegram and GetGems messaging platforms. The HolyTransaction Bot allows users to complete trades, view up-to-date exchange rates, and get the most recent cryptocurrency news, without ever leaving their chat client. In many countries, a strong and reliable internet connection is not always available. Our bot will allow users to conduct transactions and inquire about their favorite currencies quickly and without difficulty, all from a single chat. The HolyTransaction bot is available to users on both desktop and mobile platforms. Simply send a message to @HolyTransactionBot via either Telegram or GetGems to begin.

Bot Commands:


List of BOT commands


List currencies available on the platform.

/exchange <from_currency> <to_currency> <destination_walletaddress> <amount_to_sell>

Conduct a trade between any of our supported currencies on the HolyTransaction platform.

/getnews <subreddit> <number_of_links>

View the most recent cryptocurrency news. example: /getnews dashpay 5

/rate <from_currency> <to_currency>

Receive details on the current price of any of our supported currencies. example: /rate DASH MP31

Lastly, as part of the technology behind the HolyTransaction bot, we have released a custom HolyTransaction API. Developers around the world are invited to use this new API to integrate the functionality of the HolyTransaction platform into their own projects. You will find more info to start developing here

HolyTransaction is a multi-currency wallet that allows you to use Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash, Blackcoin, Tether, and RibbitRewards. We are committed to our users both near and far. Cryptocurrency is international, and so are we. Stay tuned for more news from HolyTransaction!