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Hello - Guide me for Cryptocurrency Market

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Hii i am Coalichain with ZUZ token Cryptocurrency.
This is the digital marketing strategy for proper facial to internet transaction with peer to peer connection so self and individual owner.
Servntire Global is a pioneer, providing custom blockchain solutions and one of the most sought after blockchain dev-house from India. We Simplify and expedite blockchain application development, giving clients the flexibility to innovate with cutting-edge emerging technologies. Our R&D Team, Developers & Advisors form a formidable team with the core objective of bringing emerging technologies to the mainstream and make businesses more productive, simple and transparent.

Our core team strength is in executing custom blockchain solutions. We undertake projects such as:

  • Token / Alt Currencies Development/ Smart Contract Development
  • Platforms for Token Distribution & ICO Management
  • Mobile Crypto Wallets / Web Wallets Development
  • Blockchain Full Node Setups (Network Setup)
  • Asset Management Solutions for crypto and fiat currencies
  • KYC/AML Admin panels
  • Enterprise Deployment of DLT Engines
  • Decentralised/Centralised Exchange Development
  • Crypto-Payment Gateway Development

Our core industrial focus as of now is into:

  1. Logistics and Supply Chain
  2. Food and Retail
  3. Banking and Insurance
  4. Travel and Hospitality
  5. Healthcare
  6. Legal
  7. Government
  8. Education
  9. Real Estate
  10. Energy

Technology Stack

A brief on our proven capabilities and skills for fulfilling major projects using blockchain technology is provided below:

1. Web Application Development.

Languages - PHP, HTML, CSS, Angular JS, Node.js

Frameworks - CodeIgniter, Laravel

2. APIs / Backends

Languages - Go, Python, PHP

3. Blockchain

Languages - Go, Solidity
Not open for further replies.