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Has anyone thought about contacting a celebrity to become the face of Dash?


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That would be really cool, we would probably have to do a little crowd funding to get them some Dash so they would be interested. Does anyone know anyone famous? :)
I like the idea but at the same time I have lost interest in many brands because of something the sponsored said or did. Take for example the ex-subway guy Jared, I associated him as a Subway representative and while I do have enough initiative to separate idols from a business, many people don't or can't and there is a big difference in don't and can't.

Jared of "Subway" had a literal crap ton (atleast 2 250GB HDDs) with videos, pictures and other things of child pornography, most of them under the age of 12 and some of it was of a asian anime genre labeled "Lolicon" which is apparently illegal even though it is drawings, the principle is that it was depictions of children being taken advantage of. I don't associate this with subway as a company for someones actions that once represented the business, but many people, including media exploitation, do.

On the can't-separate-side, you have companies such as Yaridogo, a Japanese cell phone company that is against gay men, pro gay women only, throwing campaigns to make awareness and even giving discounts to women who are in a lesbian relationship, discriminatory protection laws do not apply to a business in most companies when it comes to who they sale too, only who works for them, in-fact, it explicitly states that they can refuse to sell to anyone, for any reason, at and for any time, this is something that can't be avoided and this was the idea of the shareholders as a whole, which included the idol girls of Masamune.

People are much to unpredictable to make as a mascot or a face of a brand, Elmo's voice actor- child molester; Michael Jordan on Wheaties, 2 months later "I actually think the stuff sucks" on live television; Mr.Roger from Mr.Roger's neighborhood child molester, drug addict now is represented by a cartoon tiger named Daniel Tiger, Blues Clues child pornography charges drug abuse, I could go on an on but this would put an unnecessary risk on the currency.

I believe a better idea would be to make banner ads for popular sites like Youtube, getting gamers interested in using their existing hardware to mine while not gaming or at work for some banked coins and even reaching out to overclocking enthusiast forums and contacting the administrators to offer DASH as a reward currency for participating in sweepstakes on a monthly basis - by putting DASH in peoples hands, 5 or 10 at a time or taking the currency to the people with the hardware to obtain it is how you branch out, think of it this way, if the Google Play Store was only on PC and you needed a PC to download the free apps and games for your android phone, how many less downloads would people have tried, just because they didn't know, or it was inconvenient?
I know Midge Ure from Ultravox, and am sort of friends with Killing joke, also know the head chief from WBER in Rochester NY, as my sister works for him, not sure if this is any help at all, but at the very least, we could secure an interview at the station, might be worth a shot.....