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GUI tool for running Masternode with Trezor

Going to do that right away Edit : Done ! ! By the way .. how long before it goes from STARTING to ONLINE ... pardon my impatience :D

30 minutes or so. Lot's of little pieces to collate. Make a sandwich! :)

Oh, and congratulations!
Hi everyone,

I know, that some of you were interested in starting Masternode with Trezor in a bit simpler than existing methods. If so, today I published an application (Dash Masternode Tool) which may be helpful with this task. It is published as an open source project, written in python, but to make it simple for people without python knowledge, I prepared binaries compiled for Mac and Windows and soon for Linux.

App's functionality is very basic at the moment: it just allows to start masternode and to check its status. It has no extended validation, such as validation of a 1000 Dash collateral existence within provided address, and so on. Such a functionalities are planned for future versions.

Project's GitHub address: https://github.com/Bertrand256/dash-masternode-tool
Binaries: https://github.com/Bertrand256/dash-masternode-tool/releases

Looks really nice and every one seems pleased with the GUI! Great work! :)
Gonna try it out my self as soon as I get my MN payment for this week ;)
Where do I get the BIP32 path for my 1000 Dash collateral?

Edit: Nevermind - I'm not quite sure what I did to make it work but I think I just activated my first masternode.
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Hi @Voluntary.

I assume, that you already have your 1000 Dash collateral on any of your Trezor accounts.

If so:
1) Open https://wallet.trezor.io and enter your Trezor credentials
2) Navigate to your collateral account on the left side and read BIP32 Path on the right side, as on the screen below:

If your collateral funds are not on your Trezor's account, you have to send them and wait for required number of block confirmations (15). Remember, that after moving your funds, you get new transaction hash (and index), which has to be applied to your masternode configuration.


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Just found out the hardway :)
If you trying to move your MN reward from Trezor adress your MN will stop, just letting you all know.