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Gratifu - empowering communities of commerce with universal crypto rewards [Pre-proposal]

Do you think people will be motivated by receiving crypto points as a loyalty reward?

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Benjamin Burg

New member
GRATIFU is building a consumer app and advertiser's back office program with POS app to offer a loyalty platform that will enable consumers and advertisers to build communities of commerce that support specific social interests, for example local purchase power, healthy living, environmental safe products and many others.

Imagine a loyalty program:
  • free and works on all mobile devices with no friction at the POS
  • rewards both consumers and advertisers for profitable participation
  • real time account updates for consumers and advertisers
  • enables you to update your offer and count how many points have been distributed and collected
  • rewards consumers with universal crypto points
  • new sales channels beyond referrals.
For the purpose of description, consumers are people who buy and advertisers are merchants/shops who sell.


So many people fragmented and divided is the core problem. Loyalty points work at a limited capacity, communities are divided and feel weak, great ideas and hard working people feel helpless to the increasing globalization of commerce.

  • Isolated points, limited redeemability
  • Never use points earned
  • Missed chances to collect points
  • No idea how to collect or use points
  • Alone in growing competition and mergers
  • For every unused points a missed sales
  • Waste money on program that customers don't always use
  • Often missing information from customers
The fragmentation goes even deeper:
  • Oversized globalization of commerce
  • Polarized incompetent governments
  • Over media stimulation



A mobile app and back office platform that enables any consumer or advertiser to join.
  • Free and easy to set up
  • Quick and transparent
  • Empowering and fun
For the consumer:
  • Mobile app easy to navigate all your cards and points
  • Accounting of all points
  • Rewards for building communities of commerce that support your social and personal interests
For the advertiser:
  • Back office platform and POS app to easily customize, distribute and collect reward points
  • Accounting of points distributed and collected
  • Community contests to cross sale and market within communities that support mutual interests
For the Deeper Community:
  • Commission based on crowd-sourced participants that successfully grow communities of commerce
  • Gratifu tokens for advertisers that participate
  • Direct actions that lead to consumer choices that match our needs.
Value Proposition

Gratifu aims to empower consumer choice. We meet the demands consumers expect from technology. The mobile device with IoT offers convenience and instant communication. Gratifu meets the call for innovation in loyalty programs.

Consumers will enjoy and benefit from:
  • Meaningful loyalty points with universal crypto points
  • Rewards for connecting communities of commerce that support their social needs.
  • Wallet for loyalty points and accepted cryptocurrencies
Advertisers will prosper with:
  • Freeware loyalty platform
  • Real time assessment of loyalty success
  • Rewards for participation in communities of commerce.
  • New sales channels
Deeper Communities will develop with:
  • Growing awareness and demand for commerce that matches our communities needs
  • Examples of commerce that supports communities needs
  • New economic opportunities become feasible with growth

Look around, who's happy with loyalty programs? Unless you are a big spender playing specific roles, it is difficult to benefit. The little guy increasingly feels left out.

Over 80% adults in USA own a smartphone.

How does it work

Consumer advertisers downloads app and join.

Advertiser uploads basic information and set the parameters for their personalized loyalty program including offers set to their local points and their personal conversion rate from local points to universal crypto points.

Consumer purchases goods and either scans a QR code or advertiser scan's consumer barcode.

Consumers and advertisers have real time account information about the number of points collected along with value of points distributed, redeemed and in circulation.

Consumers may use crypto points with Gratifu access utility tokens. Gratifu tokens are circulated to provide incentives for participation in the network. Advertisers will receive Gratifu tokens as a reward to participate in successful communities of commerce. Consumers will gain Gratifu tokens when they accumulate enough crypto points to activate exchange. The consumer cost for Gratifu tokens will be a small percentage of their accumulated crypto points.

Consumers can sign up new advertisers and link communities of commerce to receive rewards. Advertiser's accepted invitations from consumers will trigger a lifetime success commission. Consumers may link advertisers to communities of commerce and receive rewards for successful cross-sales campaigns.

An open platform will be developed to allow crowd-sourced designers the opportunity to build games into loyalty programs. When accepted, game designers will receive commission based on success.

Market Entry

The aim is to attract small socially and technically conscious advertisers and consumers. The message, if you want to change the world, choose carefully what you buy.

Consumers can act as sales agents and will be rewarded for the life of the contract.

We believe that if you want to change the world for the better, empower the consumer through attractive educational media messages along with a technically advanced tool that generates cryptocurrencies with success. Alone the tool will not work and only an education is frustrating.

Gratifu will educate the consumers with motivational media aimed at encouraging consumers to choose carefully what they buy and direct actions consumers can take to increase profits.

The goal is to motivate the consumer, then provide them a tool they can use to recruit advertisers and connect them within the communities of commerce that supports their social issues.

Initial Timing

June 2017 -Conceptualization
September 2017 - First draft of legal qualifications
December 2017 - First beta version of app protocol

January 2018 - Finalize legal qualifications
March 2018 - Pre-token sale
June 2018 - Token Sale

September 2018 - Develop MVP app and back office
December 2018 - Launch MVP


Benjamin Burg - Master of Ceremony, educator, innovator, story teller

Benjamin's career encompasses, education and international youth travel, IT sales and marketing, business training, environmental activism. He is a passionate leader and innovator. Over 10 years in the classroom, Benjamin never used a textbook. He founded and lead the Warsaw Business Tennis League from 1999 to 2011. He believes positive change comes from the ability to sell and put action new ideas. Benjamin holds a MS in Education and BA's in US History and Environmental Science from the University of Pennsylvania.

Gratifu has one angle investor who is an expert in finance. We are very close to having our tech, marketing and legal team aligned. Once we have commitment, then we will announce our team players.

What we need

FIRST! Upon request from DASH, feedback. What looks good, what looks weak? Threats and opportunities that we should be aware of?

SECOND! We have some angle funds, maybe enough for initial legal qualifications, basic marketing for ICO, design and programming of crowdfunding app (tokens), security audit. We may fall short and will seek PRE-ICO sales. We need money.

THIRD! The team is being built. If this looks exciting and you believe you have something to offer, please reach out, there is a Gratifu Community waiting to be discovered too.

FORTH! You like this project, in today's world, building a fan base is a resource too. Please like, share, make a comment, find us on Facebook and Linkedin. Send us an email.