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Hi guys.

As ive already understood, Dash mining seems to be much less efficient lately and a lot of people got frustrated by investing in ASIC miners such D3.

I know GPU are less efficient, but if i invest at a small mining farm which will be ready in about 1 month time, i put much less risk if i find it not profitible as i can either use my GPU’s to mine other coins, or simply sell them to gamers.
I’m living in Israel. Electricity isn’t too cheap here.

What do you guys think?


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You'll probably get 0 DASH by mining Dash on GPU - can't compete with ASICs.


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ASIC D3 I understand to use mining coin DASH only and very Hi power hastrate...but can't to rig other coins...not same GPU to use rig many other coin ..but in my choice If I have money to profit in 1 month . I Choice ASIC .and 8 GPU AMD for 4rig. in small mining fram. to get DASH and XMR, ZEC. If Electricity not my problem I plan to diy wildmind and solarcell to resource power.in fram


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I support GPU based mining as it can be used to mine many altcoins. Unlike asic miners which are optmized to mine a coin or two. Once the retrns start diminishing you are stuck with the ASIC miner. I have been using my GPU based rig to mine bitcoin and occasionally have been switching to mine other coins based on profitability.