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Evolution's Marketplace, Masternode Shares, & DAPI: Evan Duffield Expounds

Pete - DashCrypto

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How will interest-bearing savings accounts (or masternode shares), the merchant/app/marketplace, and the world's first decentralized API work, precisely? Join Amanda as she chats with Evan Duffield -- he even gives bonus personal stories and economic predictions at the end.

Dash Evolution: http://dash.org/evolution

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Wanted to point some benefits to the idea Evan proposed in regards to masternode shares going offline.

When he stated that a theoretical 70% threshold could be used to keep a shared masternode active I immediately thought, "Great! Now I only need 7,000 Dash for 10 masternodes." The thought that the case of a masternode sitting at 70% active would only receive 70% of the pay out does 2 excellent things.

1) Keeps the earnings of an investment, say 7,000 Dash, the same whether they are formed into 7 masternodes or 10. (Ignoring added infrastructure cost)

2) Makes the masternode count fluid in the up direction. We have previously had instances where large numbers of masternodes went offline during a price increase, and some people within the community were worried about this. However, in a 70% threshold shared masternode world, as nodes came offline shares could be moved creating new masternodes. Although I don't know how, I would bet there are some in the community that would even be able to automate this with their own Dash and Masternode servers. This would essentially allow some person/entity the ability to turn 100 masternodes into a little over 140 masternodes, if the network needed it.


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I am reposting this to this thread


I am a new member to the forum. I am a bitcoin and ether ATM operator, the one and only in Jakarta that exchange with rupiah.

I only know dash since last year, interested because of the instant send feature and the masternode.

I start owning dash only at the beginning of this year. I bought at around US$13. I was thinking of accumulating for my ATM float (if next time I want to also include dash) and was thinking of running masternode

But after only accumulating 60 dash, price went up and now it is stable at about 9 times the price back in early January. I don't think I want to buy another 940 dash at current price so I probably would give up masternode.

My questions to the dash developer : are you thinking of reducing the 1000 dash to maybe 200 now that the price has gone up that much ? I think it is good to have more individuals with masternode in order to be more decentralised.

And I want to add that I already know the option of joining splawik or the other guy. 25 or 50 dash can join but I still think that it is better to have more different individuals as it would be more decentralised.

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Good question Senadi. And really cool to learn of your efforts in Jakarta.

I know there was talk about potentially lowering the number of Dash needed to launch a masternode but I've not heard anything definite. I think that'll mostly be contingent on the number of masternodes in existence. For example, if the number of masternodes were to drop severely, to half of their current number, I'd guess the developers would see that there was a need to lower the number of Dash needed to then incentivize more to exist.

As you noted, there are currently some masternode share services, which you can see at: https://dashpay.atlassian.net/wiki/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=1867885

And, as you may already know, one feature of the forthcoming Evolution is "savings accounts" which essentially allow any amount of Dash one owns to be incorporated into a masternode, and to then earn the corresponding profits.

I'm not sure how active the devs are in responding to forum posts such as this one, so if you'd like a more timely response from one of them I encourage you to either email them directly (their email addresses are included at http://dash.org/team) or post in the Dash Nation Slack (to join go to http://dash-nation-invite.herokuapp.com/).