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Docker container for DASH


Dear fellows,

We present you a simple docker container to operate DASH masternodes without effort. Docker helps sysadmins deploy and run any app on any infrastructure, quickly and reliably. Upgrades or downgrades are done with one command. To get started, please read our guide.

Check out the project on Docker Hub or Github.

Feel free to ask questions and/or share problems and ideas. Please open an issue on Github or post in this thread.

If you like the container, please buy us a beer: Xk9nfmMJuGRpAcABjxDVVNwGjBiSRmHVYe. All DASH will be used to develop new features.

Happy Deploying!
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I saw you already updated your docker image to the newest darkcoin version. Update on my server ran super smooth. Good job, guys!

We end our support for this project. We're sorry!

Performance issues lately forced our initial client, in a perspective of high cpu load costs, to switch to «plain Dash Masternodes». We think there are enough good scripts out there and in these forums to run a clean environment, thus we don't plan to release our script set.

All source code of the docker container will stay online. Feel free to contribute new version by pull request.