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DCG Compensation Proposal Double-dipping


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Sorry for the imflammatory title, but wanted to attract attention to this, although it is likely accidental.

@glennaustin @ryantaylor

Glenn, you recently submitted a new proposal for compensation, which is fine:

Yet, the previous one still has three months left on it, although it wasn't labeled that way:

They are both for 2871 dash. If both pass, that's 5742 dash, more than the total available, and for the next three months! I believe it was a simple mistake, yet a moderately catastrophic one. I'm surprised no one else caught it yet.

MNOs, before you vote yes for a proposal, always check that the PO doesn't already have similar active proposals, no matter who it is.
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I see, thank you for clearing that up, I'll keep an eye on it. Does the same situation exist on Dash Nexus? I would have checked against it before posting, but unfortunately it doesn't work over TOR, which is unfortunate as it is a very expensive website. Can someone please direct DashNexus to work on their website so that it works over Tor? Perhaps simplify their javascript situation...