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DashPay Point-Of-Sale (Project Updates)


THIS THREAD HAS MOVED. WE HAVE REBRANDED TO SPARK PAYMENTS. NEW THREAD IS LOCATED HERE: https://www.dash.org/forum/threads/spark-payments-formerly-dashpay-pos.39665/


First off, I want to say thank you to all of the Masternode owners who made this possible by funding @nitya and myself via the DASH blockchain.

There is an overwhelming (and unexpected) amount of support for this project - so I'm here to make good on the promise of updates!

Since treasury funds have been issued, there has been only minor work being done on the client side of the project. As you guys know, the 12.1 updates were issued shortly after the treasury payments - so far during the upgrade, InstantSend is unreliable and uncooperative until enforcement is turned on.

Without InstantSend, it's difficult for us to continue to test, but rest assured we will be back at it shortly!

In the meantime, lots of code cleanup and a few improvements and API changes by @nitya on the server side of things. So we're still working!

Thanks for all the support, and of course if you have any questions - please ask :)

edit: here is a link to the original DashPay Point-of-Sale Proposal
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Well - we've been back at it!

Here's where we're at:

We've decided to do a full rewrite of the initial application for a more robust and workable codebase. This rewrite will be done in react-native and will allow for native applications on iOS, Android, and desktop using a singular component-based codebase.

Basically, we want to write things once for all platforms. We also want to be able to add features more easily, and keep things organized for future code contributions.

Since we have proofed all of our concepts in the alpha version, rewriting this application from scratch will take less time - and save of tons of time in future updates!

The API has been finalized, a permanent public instance is now online - and there's some other pretty cool stuff that we aren't ready to talk about yet :p

Not a ton of progress being made on my end at the moment (though I'm about to ramp things up again), but lots of progress on @nitya end of the project.

If there are any questions as we enter this next stage of development, feel free to ask here or you can contact me on dashnation slack as @kodaxx
Yay! Back with another round of updates - I'm typing this from my school's computer lab so please be patient with my lack of detail :p

The client rewrite is coming along well, and I will link below to a video of the progress. In the video you will see an example of the setup wizard, then the client is restarted and shown.

There are some cool things added to the client that were not in the initial build! Such as QR scanning for setup of xPub keys, etc.

There are also some things that will change from this video before it is released. These include the logo (instantsend did not come out right), the buttons will return to the original theme, and a few other minor changes yet.

POS rewrite demo video

The server is basically complete. If a merchant wanted to run a personal/private server - it is now a one-click install through rancher/docker. Below you can see a demo of the server install and running a few test transactions.

Server demo video

Overall we are not too far away from our initial release, and fulfillment of the initial proposal!

Again, please let me know if there are any questions and as always - you can contact me here or in the Dash Nation slack channel at any time :)
Hello DASH community! Just a quick progress update for everyone ;)

The client rewrite is still coming along well - Android/iOS/Desktop are being worked on pretty simultaneously. Had a few hiccups along the way, some unforeseen things. Seems that Mobile and Desktop will still have slightly different codebases, but far less duplication of code than our previous plans.

Now for the COOL stuff:
Today we did our first "merchant" test in a small pub in the EU. Testing was done on a local testnet during an afternoon shift and they were setup with 2 terminals and a local GoDash server. Because there is not much expected DASH traffic yet, they did a mock dash transaction for every conventional order that they processed.

The test went very well with no real issues. In total - 184 payments were processed with approx. 6 hiccups because of non-intentional clicks, which has lead us to make a few changes in the UI to prevent those mistakes.

The test was done on a "non tech-savvy" type crowd and the POS was setup on tablets and phones - Even some customers got to play with it as well!

Obviously, this was very good for us and is helping to shape the decisions we make in the user interface to make sure things are clear/easy/succinct. With the conclusion of this test, we have a few small changes to make that will drastically improve the current experience - but overall this was a validation for us, and we know we are on the right track.

Again, please let me know if there are any questions and as always - you can contact me here or in the Dash Nation slack channel at any time
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Wow! Just a few days away from initial release. We will welcome a select few to test the POS out before a full public release. Please message me on Dash Nation slack channel @kodaxx and let me know why you think you would be a good candidate ;)

Just doing some final cleanup and testing before our initial release, just wanted to drop by and let everyone know that it's getting much closer!

Also, I wanted to drop off this preview of some of the changes we made to the ticket history UI

click here

Again, please let me know if there are any questions and as always - you can contact me here or in the Dash Nation slack channel at any time
QuickBooks Integration for DashPay?

Most legit small business merchants use QuickBooks.. thoughts?

Also, is there a way for automatic, recurring payments to be setup for use by merchants? Like monthly/quarterly/annual dues, fees, etc.

Again, awesome work by the way, totally excited for DashPay POS!
QuickBooks Integration for DashPay?

Currently DashPay POS integrates with existing systems - for example, I use Square Register (which integrates with QuickBooks).

When I accept a DASH payment, I will process the payment on my DashPay terminal. Then I will enter the sale amount into the "Other Payment Method" option in Square Register.

What this allows, is Square Register (and by extension, QuickBooks) to keep track of my "Other" payments, which I've allocated to Dash. When I read my QB reports, I understand that all of the transactions labeled "Other" are Dash transactions. This also allows inventory management, etc. I do not have to switch from the system I currently use in order to process Dash payments. I think that's a huge selling point, because merchants do not like to retrain themselves or their employees into a whole new system. Simply adding a payment method is much easier.

Edit: Here are some links showing that this is a normal thing in the payments industry and it is widely supported.
The title will link to the specific page discussing these options, but I will QUOTE the relevant sections for tl;dr

These tenders are used for reporting purposes only and do not represent integrations with ShopKeep. Payment must be processed separately outside of the register for most tenders.
External | Use to record payments run through an external terminal.

If you're using Shopify POS for Android and you have an external credit or debit card terminal, then you can enable the External Terminal payment method from the Settings screen of the Shopify POS app.

When you accept payment with an external terminal, Shopify POS records the transaction, but the payment is processed and collected by your external terminal provider.

To keep your payment records in one place, you can use the Square app to track cash, checks, gift cards from third-party services, and other types of payments.

There’s no fee to accept other tender types. When you accept other tender types, Square doesn’t process any funds and functions only as an organizational tool. Money for these transactions are exchanged directly between you and your customer.

You can choose which tender types are accepted for transactions. This option is useful if you want to accept only a certain type of tender. For example, a restaurant that doesn’t accept checks can remove checks as a form of accepted tender.

You can also add your own tender types.

What we are is an "external terminal" - so as you can see, our solution should integrate well with existing stuff. This way we get the benefits and integrations of the bigger players

Also, is there a way for automatic, recurring payments to be setup for use by merchants? Like monthly/quarterly/annual dues, fees, etc.
So far there is no support for this - but it's a great idea! I will keep that in mind and think on a way to have that work :)
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Hey @kodaxx thanks for the responses. I will let merchants know that it integrates well via their current POS systems like Square, and will maybe even start by targeting merchants who are using the Square POS solution, as it's pretty easy to spot on a counter top :)

As far as recurring payments, that could be HUGE. The function that takes down PayPal?
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Just a quick update with some eye candy. Here are some screenshots of the current state of the app and what are beta testers are playing with!

Screenshot_20170504-161630.png Screenshot_20170504-161654.png Screenshot_20170504-161707.png Screenshot_20170504-161713.png Screenshot_20170504-161725.png Screenshot_20170504-161728.png
Back with another round of updates :)

Okay, a lot has happened! Our beta testing has gone very well.

We found a few bugs, made a few UI changes and got some very good feedback. We had over 50 beta testers (some being real merchants).

So here is where things stand:

The POS software (client and server) is ready for release. After much debate, we have decided to hold off release just a bit longer and I'll explain why.

Dash's available wallets are not yet fully bip32 compliant. What we need technically is not yet available in current wallet software, though they are maturing quite fast. The things we need include "full wallet sharing", a decent "look-ahead" (number of future address index's to watch) and easy user access to xPub key for address generation.

Without these things, the experience from the wallet side of things can be very frustrating to manage multiple terminals and access funds. What we do not want is for merchants to experience frustration with this system and dismiss Dash as "too hard" or "confusing". So we will hold off the release until the experience we want to produce is ready for use.

That being said, here's how we plan to tackle this problem, as well as what is being done in the mean time (also a new video!):

We would like to propose a purpose-built, bip32 compliant, HD, merchant wallet. This should be fairly quick to complete and it would make the experience for merchants 100% better without question. Look for details of this new proposal soon.

Also, some good news! Since we have some time until release, we have been adding features that were slated for the next POS proposal. For example, translations and multiple currencies are now being added - even though it was made clear that they would not be in the first release, we are continuing to push forward while the wallets mature and work is being done on the merchant wallet.

And now, the promised video!

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Looking good.
As many merchants will want to see their own fiat currency only, how does the exchange side of the system work?
I mean, does your PoS system have the ability to convert Dash into a fiat currency?
Not just display value of Dash in a fiat, but convert it.
I´m talking with some foodtruckes in Cancun about adopting DASH. Can one of these foodtrucks be a beta tester? They want to see them working so they can trust them. Hello and excelent work.