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DashForce Meetup & Presentation Program

Dashtecas High School presentation
We had two different presentations with more than 30 students each. The presentation lasted 45 minutes and we explained what is a blockchain, Dash, how to buy Dash and how to change Dash to Fiat. We did not have WIFI so I had to make 20 paper wallets with $ 5USD.
At the end of the presentation I gave the students a sheet with a word puzzle referring to Dash and the first 10 students who solved it won the $ 5USD. This contest was made in the two presentations with a total of 20 winning students of $ 5USD in total $ 100USD.

This is a playful way of teaching Dash, since young students like contests and it is easier for them to remember and learn Dash if they are having fun instead of having a typical Dash talk.

1st Dash contest

2nd Dash Contest


20171128_115359_HDR.jpg 20171128_113703_HDR.jpg 20171128_115456_HDR.jpg 20171128_134943_HDR.jpg 20171128_115259_HDR.jpg

All the pictures:

20 x $5USD Transactions:
Capture+_2017-11-28-21-48-32.png Capture+_2017-11-28-21-49-07.png Capture+_2017-11-28-21-49-42.png Capture+_2017-11-28-21-50-14.png Capture+_2017-11-28-22-18-50.png
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I had a meetup on the 19th of Nov. and a total of 5 persons where present. They where all civil servant based in Nigeria. None of them knew about cryptocurrency so i was able to explain indepth about cryptocurrency and Dash.

I installed a new wallet for the five of them.

We did a game of the fastest swipers. The person who first sweeps a dash paper wallets get a free drink from the bar. It was a great fun and educational meetup.

Venue: it was held at south side hotel.


Problem: during the event one of the attendees mistakenly stepped on my laptop power cable and it fell to the ground and that was how the screen broke and it also had some memory problem too. i was able to send to just 2 persons $5 on the 20th of November. This is the wallet for verification: Xcx7d4Fs89vfi9edGfrADwQ2a1phuP57Dj i had to collect the three address without the fund so i promised to send them their dash as soon as the technician was able to rectify the PC. I collected the laptop on the 30th of November and i sent them the dash on the 1st of December. You can verify that from my address too: Xi8UNMAMK2nD3vAiz2HegRAgzRByBsbpMw.

The following are the addresses of the 5 persons:







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Hello everyone, new here. I will have my first meetup tomorrow afternoon in Guadalajara. Since this is my first post, I cannot use links, so I will need to post several times to paste these links.
Anyway, the links for the event will be posted in next post.

The meetup will take place tomorrow 5 pm EST in Guadalajara, Mexico. I had a 2 minute time slot to talk about the meetup last night at a technological business networking event and had some interest from the participants. If I do get a picture from that event, I will upload it later. I already have 7 RSVPs at the meetup group and a few more via whatsapp. Hopefully more people than that will show up tomorrow.
Hey guys, I can finally post links.

DiscoverDash.com link to the event is here: https://discoverdash.com/event-pro/crypto-beers-meetup-dash/
Meetup.com link to the event can be found here: https://www.meetup.com/es-ES/Crypto-Beers-Meetup-Dash/events/245513220/

I've had these up for a couple of days now but had forgotten to mention them here. I will write more about this tomorrow after the event, there are some important people in the whole entrepreneur community down here that got very interested, so I am excited about this!

Since not a lot of people know what Dash is, I had to mention Bitcoin and Ethereum in the events and the talk as well, but mostly so they know what I am talking about. Also, the only cryptocurrencies currently available in bitso.com (mexican exchange) right now to buy directly with pesos are Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple, so I will need to show them how to buy them and then exchange them to Dash.

Talk to you guys tomorrow!
I had my second meetup on the 22nd of November, 2017 at Federal Cooperative College Kaduna, its was quite educating and entertaining as i was able to educate the attendees on why they should leave their traditional currency for Dash. We also had a few live practicals showing the high difference in transaction speed between Dash and the Traditiona/local Banking Systems which got the attendees very much interested not only in the technology behind Dash but also Dash as a currency.
The students were more than grateful to accept this information and technology as they said they knew nothing of such innovation.

01. There were 12 students at the meetup and including myself would make us a total of 13 people (Although some students had to leave about 5 - 10 minutes before the closing time because they had to attend to homeworks, lectures etc.)

02. The Cooperative College Meetup was held on the 22nd of November, 2017 by 3:00pm

03. I gave out $5 worth of Dash to anyone who was able to answer any of the following questions (What is Dash, Who founded Dash, What is a Masternode, What is an InstantSend and what is a PrivateSend). This was to inspire the students to pay uninterrupted attention to what is being discussed.

04. Link to our shot (Only 9 students out of the 12 in attendance agreed their photos taken due to personal/religious/security reasons): https://imgur.com/a/hzjcY

05. The meet up was held at Federal Cooperative College, Kaduna (I went on a visit to the state and siezed the opportunity to hold a meetup there).

06. Screenshot of the wallet i used in sending Dash to the attentive students : https://imgur.com/a/JXDKe

07. The addresses of the students who received Dash:

(Due to certain unforeseen issues i had to send Dash to some of the students the next day).

08. Link to my meetup on meetup.com and discoverdash.com
https://www.meetup.com/Dash-Cooperative-College-Meetup/events/245282671/ (Due to the "seccurity issue" in the state none of the students indicated electronically that they would be attending this event ("You can't be too careful Sir"; one of the students said as i asked why they hadn't indicated they would be attending the event.))



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I just had a meetup in Guadalajara at a Wings and Beer place called Wingman at 5 pm EST. I paid for half the beers and food. Around 10 USD. I called it CRYPTO AND BEERS MEETUP (DASH)

1) I explained to them what cryptocurrencies are, what Blockchain is, how to acquire cryptocurrencies here in Mexico and how to exchange them into Dash, how to send and receive and the different kind of wallets that there are.

2) I explained what Dash is and its features, as well as why it is better than others and that it is currently being accepted in different businesses around the world. So basically what is Dash? What are masternodes? What is InstantSend? What is PrivateSend? What is DAO? And the block rewards.

3) I had 6 people attend and they all loved Dash! Sent 10 USD to 5 of them and the sixth had his phone full, so I promised to send him another 10 USD once he has his Dash wallet installed. I sent 10 USD to each one because they were the pioneers of this meetups! I however have an issue with one wallet where the money was sent but he has not received the money yet, not sure who to talk to about this so he can get it. One of them wanted to send money on the spot so he sent me back 1 euro (he is from Spain).

4) I am uploading the picture of the group. As you can see, one of them does not have his phone up (this is the one who had his phone full). I am doing this from my phone so I can do this as fast as possible. Sorry for the double uplod of pictures. I tried uploading all the pictures I took but could not and the ones I did got uploaded double.

5) These are the addresses of the 5 people that received Dash.

This last one is the one that hs not received Dash yet.
I owe 10 USD to the one who had his phone full.

6) links to meetup and discoverdash.com



One of them is interested in Masternode shares and another one told me that he would like me to give a talk to explain all of this to some Master's students at his university after winter break. So we will talk in the following weeks.

Everyone told me they loved the meetup so I am happy with the results, especially cause I advertised and put it together all in a few days.


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@carlomile2 The contest was in effect for the month of November. Due to the rapid increase in price for Dash, rewards for December contestants will be readjusted due to the price increase.