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Dash Video Casino, over 300 DSH in Jackpots!

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Oh, now I get it.
Payment sent!
Xm9JyzjKcsn31xXX7Lg7qnsfs4AhzMXq48 - thanks!! :D
Payment sent!
XbwGpQoFXTLGbgcSokQH7go7zTF19iRKpH - thanks!

Bitcoin reference needs fixing :)

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Payment sent!
Thanks to all of you who tested out the site with our free Dash this weekend. Can some of you report back on your experience?
What did you like?
What did you dislike?
What should we improve?

We also will have an android app ready later this week so you can play on the go!

(Also, can a forum moderator change the title of this thread to "Dash Video Casino, over 300 DSH in Jackpots!" ?)
Would anyone here be interested in helping with some final testing of our Android app? We think it is just about ready but would like some feedback from the community.
WOOOOOOW. Impressive, massive project. The crypto community needs to be enhanced with the use of video games. Will create an account at your webpage immediately. Did you end up posting a proposal to Treasury?
Hi folks!

Almost 10 million individual provably fair games have been played at Dash Video Casino since we opened this time last year, so on the back of approaching this huge milestone I just wanted to let you all know that this is how our jackpots currently sit:

Come try your hand at winning a whopping 200 DSH on Video Poker, or take down the Slots jackpot of 109.53 DSH! :cool:

Cheers, and thanks so much for playing with us over the past 12 months! :)
Hello! I would like to play, but how much is the minimum I must send to be able to enter the game?

Hi superkimb!

There is no minimum deposit amount on Dash Video Casino, and the credit size can be changed on Video Poker and Slots after depositing. More information and where to find this option after depositing can be found by clicking the 'Help' button on the game page. :)

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