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DASH video-bank


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Hi Ambassadors and other Dash activists!

It isn’t easy for me to help you with texts (language barrier) - so I decide to help you with videos (in addition to my Dash Photo-bank)!


There are video elements such as video-introduction, video-logos, flags, ... (and more are coming) those you can use to produce your own videos about Dash!!!

I hope that you won’t just look at them "for fun", but will also actively use them in your activity - to create your own DASH video blogs, presentations, tutorials, promo-videos and so on…

If you need different formats, or place some Slogans on them or "Green Screen" chroma-key and other editing - send me a message. If you need any specific additional video elements to promote DASH - please let me know.

Let’s promote DASH together!

There are some of the examples those you can use for your own Dash video production:

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