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Dash Trust Protectors Please React!

It simply means that DTP's will not be stopped requesting information, (n)or will they be stopped accessing that information.
Thanks for the clarification. It is a nor, I understand now.

But anyway, my main question remains.
Why is the below illegal?
Reveal the DashCoreGroup books to the DashTrustProtectors so that they can check them 24/7 and in real time, without asking any permission from the DCG. It is much more fair that way, isnt it?
And if it is illegal, which law of what country says so?
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Dear, Glen , @kot , @ErnestoContrerasLatAm ,

the network has listened to you, and answered you clearly.

with the result of DTPs vote :

and with the vote of the budget :


in view of the vote of confidence made on Rodrigo Ambriss, I hope that he will be able to restore confidence in the DTPs