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dash-qt: Coin Selection window not sorting correctly by Amount


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In Dash-QT when I open up the Coin Selection window (Send: Inputs: Coin Selection) and sort the inputs by Amount, it does not sort correctly. Is this a known issue?

ping @UdjinM6
I'm using Ubuntu; here is a screen capture:

This is Dash Core version v0.12.1.5 (64-bit) download?

Dogecoin has a similar issue, though in their case the wrong sort order is lexicographic and the comments suggest that locale setting may be the cause.

Sorting is handled by QT. In dash-qt, an extra column is added just for the purpose of sorting
(containing the column text padded to the left to a fixed width so that lexicographic order is numerical order).

The QT documentation is vague about sorting. This QT forum link gives some more useful information.

(Bitcoin-qt wallet uses setData and UserRole on the items, as suggested in that link, rather than using an extra column.)
(Sorting by the 'model' data itself may be a more correct approach, though our data is grouped by address.)

This is probably a 'red-herring' - in your screenshot the (trailing) rows with PS rounds are sorted while the (leading) rows with PS rounds n/a are sorted if the group with the same 'Received with address' are represented by the first group item.