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Dash Platform Testing


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Dash Platform is available for testing on Evonet!

Documentation: https://dashplatform.readme.io/
Connecting: https://dashplatform.readme.io/docs/tutorial-connecting-to-evonet

Dash Platform is a technology stack for building decentralized applications on the Dash network. The two main architectural components, Drive and DAPI, turn the Dash P2P network into a cloud that developers can integrate with their applications.

Extensive testing is required as new functions and contracts appear on the network. Please post ideas, questions and discussion here, or discuss in the #evonet channels on Dash Nation Discord or Dash Talk Discord.
Version 0.15 of Dash Platform was released on September 5 and includes a Docker Compose based masternode deployment tool called mn-bootstrap that can be evaluated to function as a replacement for the ageing dashman tool. While originally designed to quickly set up local and devnet environments, the tool now also supports both the full evonet stack and testnet, and is a quick and easy way to get deploy full nodes and masternodes on these networks. It also includes functions to register a DIP3 masternode and manage multiple configurations and nodes on a single host.

I have recorded a short video demonstrating mn-bootstrap 0.15, current features and some stuff that is coming soon. Testing and feedback on how this tool compares to dashman is appreciated!

Modified draft version of the docs also available here: https://docs.dash.org/en/mn-bootstrap/masternodes/setup.html
Initial support for evonet masternodes on ARM architecture is now available for testing. A few images need to be replaced with versions that support multiple architectures. Install mn-bootstrap and try the following config changes:

mn config:default evonet
mn config:set externalIp <your_ip>
mn config:set core.masternode.enable false OR mn config:set core.masternode.operator.privateKey <bls_privkey>
mn config:set platform.dapi.envoy.docker.image envoyproxy/envoy:v1.16-latest
mn config:set platform.dapi.api.docker.image strophy/dapi:latest
mn config:set platform.dapi.insight.docker.image strophy/insight-api:latest
mn config:set platform.drive.abci.docker.image strophy/drive:latest
mn config:set platform.drive.tendermint.docker.image strophy/tenderdash-arm64:latest
mn start