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Dash Platform Name Contest


New member
Dear Dash Community,

The release of Dash Platform is getting closer and it’s time for a community-oriented Dash caring name contest. Go to https://poll.dashcontests.com , read the guidelines and if you have a great idea for a suitable name, I would love to hear from you (see the on the page embedded contact form).

–Doeke Koedijk

Thank you. It has already been added by someone else, but I will add your name to the comment of that name suggestion.
My entry (just submitted) is "dash.blue" or colloquially "Dash Blue". I just wanted to add to my existing description that "blue" is not only the infamous color of dash, it is also the color of the sky and therefore easy to associate to "the cloud".

The first letter of each word is "db" which is shorthand for "database". This opens up many logo design possibilities. If you add the visual cues of "blue sky" and "cloud database", you get what could be quite a compelling brand.

If I win, I will gift the domain to DCG.